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Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2013

my funny for the day...from facebook.

someone types in he is having trouble reaching us. i totally understand this cuz i am a computer dumbo and quite likely to miss something obvious like where it says "contact us" on our webpage.
fair enough..but BIG STRETCH to the hoarding
comment. really? 40 senior and seriously wrecked unadoptable animals actually found homes in 2012 and another 30 were euthanized at the end of their lives with no one ever offering them a home and we are hoarding?
that was offensive not funny.

the funny part was jenn's very polite and helpful answer of providing an apology for his difficulties AND the adopt@saintsrescue email address from the "contact us" page.

damn! speedy politically correct polite jenny...she beat me to it..i so wanted to answer that one!



i saw that comment and i was so impressed with the professional comment from jenn after that, i woulda had some swear words in my response


Maybe in 20 or so years I will consider Odie as an addition to my family.... haha


every time someone from the spca visits..i ask them to please seize some of the animals here (odie!)they are always so nice and cheerful when they say no to me...i don't always like no's either...yes's are much better.

i would pack that cute little buggers bag in a about it caylee (be a friend)...wanna adopt him and prove we don't hoard?!


Just amazing. Funny that he's convinced himself of a hoarding issue here, yet all he does about it is comment on a facebook page. Real advocate there...


oh..i get it now, he had found us...he just wasn't happy with what he found.
oh well..we are just doing the best we can for the animals..can't please everyone i suppose. it still doesn't make us hoarders..if it is in the best interests of the animals...we are actually allowed to say no.


I was just able to vote in the Nature's Bounty contest - it starts tomorrow (Feb.26)but I guess it's based in Eastern Canada, so voting is now open.


I Checked out his page, if I might say: he looks like a redneck. hence the missinformation . Hope he doesn't check out the blog. I would assume not


I saw that comment on Facebook and was really taken aback by it. Anyone with any common sense would see that SAINTS does not hoard animals!!!
And the comment about love animals but not people??
Big red flag right there...