Rescue Journal

oh yay...

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2013

snoopy's new meds are in and i was a bit off on the cost. $184 for one week. the good news is..after this week we will recheck his bloodwork and see if it helps before going any farther. the bad news is...even if we somehow get really good results..this is only a temporary fix. erythropoietin is a human based product... snoopy's body will at some point recognise this and send out antibodies to neutralize it.

there were two reasons why i decided to pursue this..firstly because i really like snoopy and would like him to feel well for a little bit longer. and the other is purely interest..i have not used this particular medical protocol before with animals and i am interested to see if it works and for how long. this may be something that we can use down the road for another failing one..or maybe after this trial..we won't. snoop is a bit of a guinea pig BUT he is a very safe guinea pig..this trial will not harm him at all. it will either stop his downward slide and help him build back up his blood or it won't.

we will have to wait and see if this will or will not help our little friend snoopy.

well..i guess i better get on with the feeding/meds/settling to bed thing..i am pretty tired tonight.



Hang on Snoopy..hang on..that is my song for Snoopy tonight..lets hope floats to the top and carries Snoopy for a good long ride.