Be an angel and vote for the saints

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2013

Thanks to all our animal lovers that starting voting yesterday! Senior Animals In Need Today Society is currently in 5th place and very close to 4th. Please keep voting everyday. Every Vote counts! Even if we don't make it into the Top 3, each of your votes increases the chances of winning one of 3 bonus prizes!

Click the below link to vote and please remember we are listed under our full name: Senior Animals In Need Today Society.

Nicole M., our webmaster, has also added an easy voting button on the right-side above the Pet Finder's Shelter Challenge voting button (which hopefully you are also voting daily for). We are listed on S.A.I.N.T.S. for that one (the acronym with the periods).

Thanks in advance for your support from all of the animals at SAINTS rescue.

Email me at to sign up for a daily reminder for the bountry voting challenge or join our facebook event and invite your friends to vote:!/events/610344738982341/

Be an angel and vote for SAINTS!..apparently our american friends can vote for us in the nature's bounty contest too!

This is my favorite windchime in the SAINTS memorial garden, the angel ...



there two identical angels in is for sophie..a beautiful senior golden retriever who passed away in 2005 of end stage cardiac disease..her angel has a small little watering can in her hand (you can see this chime at the top of our in memory page.) the other angel windchime was broken and missing the watering can (this is the one in jenn's photo.) i bought that angel chime already broken on purpose, it was for our broken angel who had a bullet in her head, i euthanized angel in 2005 after she killed murphy, our seizuring cat.

both chimes still make me sad.