Rescue Journal

bed buddy blues

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2013

one of my least favorite tasks most days is the changing of the bed. the dogs like it, they think it is fun.
i think it is a pain in the ass. i usually silently suck it up and let them annoy me...rolling around, getting tangled in the sheets, snorting and rubbing their faces into my clean sheets, mouthing and grabbing me or the sheets, throwing their-hairy and not all that clean selves onto the pillows so changing them is not easy is a frustrating exercise in futility of ending up with a clean, neat and tidy bed in the end....and it takes way longer and far more effort than it should.

last night, i just couldn't do it..i set them all down on to the floor, took away their stairs and just did it. not one of them was happy..every single one knew i had just peed on their most favorite playground parade. it was a whole bunch of big (little), sulky, bed babies who made it back up to the clean bed yesterday.

i don't know why they have it so firmly lodged inside their heads that changing the bed is supposed to be so exciting and fun? i am now the grinch who stole the joy out of bed buddy bed change...THE absolutely BEST part of their day....oh freaking yay.

so who is the dumb one?



Am I bad for saying it sounds very funny and would luv to see a video? might be kinda cute to put on the FB page...ok, i'll be quiet now..sorry


i guess i am a bitch, i make them all get off the bed when i make it lol


she is good michelle still stuck in a cage til she sees the vet next week,,and not very happy about it either!


Hi Carol, just wondering how nicki was doing? Still in solitary? Sweet little thing!