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just a couple of things...

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2013

snoopy is not doing well. i will drop him off at the vets on my way in to work tomorrow. IF his bloodwork is significantly worse, i may decide to call it quits...i am not all that sure that he can come back from this as weak as he is today.

tonight i heard this gawd awful screaming..i was in feeding snoopy when it broke out. all i could think of was odie had lost his mind and was killing his now good little buddy squirt. well squirt was just fine and odie was playing with a toy. the screaming was coming from chance. i rushed up into the laundry area and...
i am not sure....a seizure? he twisted one of his crippled legs? he stopped as soon as i called out his name. but whatever it was, it was pretty awful for him...i have NEVER heard him scream like that. scared the crap out of me...poor babe.
i will watch him tonight and see if i can figure out what happened in those screaming must have been something bad for him to sound like that but he seems ok now.



thank you very much ' i have been voting but all of a sudden it said no you can't vote ' it was weird ' so now i am on again'' '' thanks and also very sorry for all sick babies. poor pups' and i have to deliver food for ya's from Bosleys ''when? may i? please will be bringing a few other things also '' thanks very much ' pollyb


For Polly:
Yes, I just voted for both.

For Share the Bounty, here are the steps in full:
1. Click the pot of gold $50,000 icon.
2. In the page that opens, you will see a list of charities. There is also a search box in the upper right. Type senior in here and click go. You need to type senior, not saints.
3. SENIOR ANIMALS IN NEED TODAY SOCIETY will show on the list. Click Vote, and a box will pop up.
4. In this box, put your e-mail address and fill out the captcha characters (re-load if they are hard to read). Click to say yes next to "I agree to..." (upper line).
5. Click VOTE.

[For the Shelter Challenge, click the lower icon, and then change from USA to Canada, select BC, and search on S.A.I.N.T.S. you need to enter it with the periods as it won't find it under Senior or SAINTS on that one.]

Please post if you're still having trouble. Go, SAINTS - I think the Share the Bounty may be within reach!
ps sorry this is long! :)

another Doreen

Pollyb, if you are trying to vote using a Smart phone or Android it may not work as I was told the website isn't set up for them and will only work using a "computer". I emailed them when I couldn't get it to work either.

Best wishes to Snoopy!


I am sure that you will do what is best for Snoopy -- right now he does not seem to have much "quality of life." May the Creator bless him.


Can any one tell me ' can you still vote becuz i can't don't know why but i lost you ' i clicked on the link you gave out and i don't get Saints'' to vote very sorry i now miss it '' Going out early this morning but will be back bt 9 am '' thanks hope to hook up later ''Pollyb