Rescue Journal

too many on the steep down slide right now...

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2013

snoopy, black buddy, halo, jesse and al.

i brought the snoop home...firstly, i am not 100% convinced we can't stop his downward spiral. if we can give the erythropoeitin a chance to work, snoop might feel better, he had some fluids at the clinic today..he started to eat again, he had a good poop when we got home and seems brighter and a little less tired. maybe the fluids will bump him up enough to get another dose of the erythropoeitin in and then we can see how he really is.
the other reason i brought him home was purely selfish of me...i just was not emotionally up for one of my drive by euthanizations. zip into the clinic, hold them close, mop up the tears and get back into work. i can do that because some days i have to, but i really did not want to have to do it today.
however i am well prepared in case i made the wrong choice here...our vets can squeeze him in either friday or saturday if needed and they gave me a photocopy of his bloodwork and chart in case i have to do either a midnight or sunday run into emergency.
tired and sleepy is ok but i won't let the snoop dog slip into suffering...i can make sure he can go if he is ready whatever day or time that he needs.

i think black buddy and jesse should have at least a few weeks left, halo and al, maybe not that long. al i am thinking will want to go before halo...we are watching both of them closely.

i really hate it when death is hovering over so many. each one alone is such a huge loss...all of them too close together will be devastating. they are all of them such very good dogs... (ok...well maybe not jesse...but he is as good as he can possibly be...jess is pretty good in his own twisted way.)



Snoopy is a very loyal, friendly, loveable dog. He just turned 12 on Feb 23. He loves attention and affection. Please keep me up to date on him. And let snoopy know that his best bud Nicole misses him and loves him dearly. So do I. We both have lots of great memories of snoopy.


god that would mean 3 gone from the big dog room. dont even like to think about it. and buddy so deserves to have more time on this earth to feel even more loved and cared for now that he is at saints they are all such lovely dogs, yes renee ,even jesse he surely does like his warm head pets but can really notice the difference in him and al. halo is also a sweetie glad she came to saints. and little snoop is sooo affectionate. warm thoughts to all of them.


Ugh.. this is such a scary know it is inevitable..yet try to ignore it . Heartbreak is coming & I am scared.


Sad news is looming. And yes, all too close together. Black Buddy is such a sweetheart, but he was quite unstable last weekend... So sad.
And Halo, such a beautiful good girl.


:( for all of those on the list..... But as my heart belongs to the big guys, I'm heartbroken to hear of Al and Buddy. Big gentle hugs for all.


Sorry to hear about al of these looming deaths all at once, I can imagine that it is supremely hard on you Carol


i don't think so renee..he has started pooping and peeing his bed, he is getting more frail and unsteady..jess is more than 18 yrs old now..for a big dog, that is well over 100 in human terms. i know you love him but he can't live forever.

hi helga...buddy is not putting on weight, he has begun some chronic bowel issues, his unsteadiness and weakness is not really improving despite a good healthy and plentiful diet. he is actually going back to the vet next week, we are suspecting a GI lymphoma or some other internal cancer.


Is there no chance that with time and the proper care he is now getting that Black Buddy will rally, that the effect of the years of neglect can be reversed at least to some extent? Losing him so soon would be sad. I thought he would gradually get better.


Fingers and toes crossed for everybody....
Does anyone know where I can get a pub night pledge form? I peeked in the office last Saturday but didn't see any.....