Rescue Journal

i have already been sound asleep but...

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2013

am already woken up...i had a terrible nightmare.

i had a new little dog who got out of the yard and i managed to herd him back into the gates and into the house. but then i met a giant rubber man in the darkend hallway and he was going to kill me. i bit him as hard as i could and wouldn't let go but he didn't care cuz he was made of rubber. but i did manage to push him out the door. i tried to call 911 but kept getting the numbers wrong ...113 119 and i heard him coming in thru the back door (i don't have a back door but in my dream i did.) i was surrounded by a bunch of little blind, crippled and useless dogs (why the hell didn't i have any big ones?!)
and then i woke up.
that dream scared the crap out of me.

i want to make bobo my bed buddy tonight but he would eat all of the little dogs. i could sleep on the couch with him but he takes up too much room.
and come to think of it..he kind of looks like that giant rubber man in my dream.

i so rarely ever have any kind of nightmares..good thing cuz they totally suck.
photo bobo.jpg



Sounds like a terrifying dream - BUT that pic of Bobo always cracks me up :)


Awww....too many losses for you today.
I myself sleep with 300lbs of canine protection....I don't even lock a door.
Hope you got some sleep....and I bet any one of those little bed buddies would fight for you, it's always been my experience that little guys the one ya gotta look out for. ;)


weird. i had a dream about you last night. it wasn't like this, but equally strange.