Rescue Journal

i wrote part of this earlier and then forgot to publish cuz i was in a rush so here it is with the updates of where we are all sitting right now..

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2013

al and halo are home from the vets. al has lost 8 lbs in the last 6 weeks but his tumor hasn't grown all that much. the vet thinks the cancerous anal gland might have a bit of infection so we will start him on ABX nd see how he does.
halo is doing ok...down 2 lbs since her last check..ok to keep going with her current meds.

tess stayed in for butt shave, a nail trim, a culture of her vulva drainage and an abd xray.i will go back and pick her up later when she is done.

angel's bloodwork wasn't great..some liver issues going on. so she will stay in the clinic tonight after her surgery on IV's and can probably come home tomorrow.

i am cancelling the rest of the vet appointments today...some family stuff has come up.

so real time updates...

tess is home, totally pissed at what we did to her. she is back on ABX and daily showers. the xrays didn't show much except significant spondyliosis of the spine, and some weird, suspicious what is that thing? in her stomach, neither of which would have anything to do with her current problem. if she starts having GI issues i will worry about whatever that is in her stomach. she is not a good patient...more like a pissed off shark bent on getting even. no point in stressing her out more for an ultrasound or biospy which won't fix whatever it is, that isn't currently bothering her right now anyway. tess is a very old and wrecked dog...she just doesn't know it cuz we wait on her hand and foot..

mystic is home and shaved down to the skin. she looks pretty damn cute.

i saw angel at the clinic...she was still out like a light. she lost 23 teeth today and won't be coming home until tomorrow.

i moved black buddy and nicki's appointments over to tomorrow.

fletch might be coming home again. not sure yet. waiting for his newest bloodwork to come back. colleen said he is pouring out tons of urine and not concentrating it at all. it is probably his kidney disease but on the off chance it is the added sodium and maybe he doesn't need it any more, he is on wait and see. we can handle his flooding because we have lino plus he does have full access thru the dog door out to the yard 24/7. but managing him in a family home that is carpetted with working parents becomes hugely problematic. they love him already and are having a lot of fun but if he remains a major untreatable flooder he should come back and become a permanent sanctuary dog. he would be better off here where we are set up to deal with what may well be lifelong significant excessive incontinence problems like everyone else (however long lifelong is for him.) i am totally ok with the whole wait and see, i am enjoying my puppy break and maybe he will learn some manners while he is gone!

my daughter-in-law ang is back in the hospital. griffin is in with her. hopefully with the IV abx's she will be home again before too long. she has had such a difficult time of it since griffin's dramatic birth,..i hope she feels better for good really soon!



I had a dog who had central diabetes insipidus - exactly the symptoms you're describing here: lots of urinating and no concetration of urin (and lots of drinking water)... was easily (but not so cheaply) managed once we figured out what it was. And i hope Ang is doing ok!

Brenda Mc

Wow, thanks for all the indepth updates Carol; it's appreciated - I'm somewhat relieved about everyone - sure would be nice if it is just the sodium intake affecting Fletch's urine output tho. Very sorry to hear Ang is back in hospital again.


I have been dreading the blog tonight, wasn't sure my heart was up for it. I know it is coming, but not tonight! Can't wait to see everyone on the weekend. Always love Mystics spa days LOL

Hope your family is all home soon Carol.


So sorry to hear about Ang (glad she was able to keep Griffin with her)I hope she is better soon and back home with the family.