Rescue Journal

this bunny was dropped off at one of our neighbors...they are hoping to find a good home.

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2013

if anyone knows anyone..please let me know and i will pass on the contact info. pretty darn cute!!!

photo bunny.jpg



I just hop ethey decide to have it speutered BEFORE givin git to anyone....and that is where the rescue could have helped.
We weren't looking in any way to take in another one, but rather, just offered assitance.


hi marta...the family does not want to go the rescue route yet. they are willing to keep him untl they find him a home. fair saves rescue time, energy and resources for animals without any help.


This is an angora rabbit he is beautiful .. They are looking for a home for him Carol?

Olga at Vrra maybe able to help them out ? Vancouver Rabbit Rescue or atleast help get him placed in a foster home.. can you email me and provide me with more inforamtion about him and i can contact her for you..

Thanks ciao Marta


already had that conversation when she came over to show me the picture.


Can you ask them to contact us as we'd be able to help find him a place pretty easily.
Sadly the pretty ones always get adopted quickly.

Carol!..he doesn't need us, he already has someone looking out for him.


"Dropped off" as in dumped?? OMG - he's gorgeous!! Can't we keep him at Saints??!!