Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2013

angel is home..she is pretty well done in. i just got home from some errands and she is sound asleep in her bed. she has abx's and a hefty dose of pain meds so she should feel not too sore while she recovers. i missed you babe and am glad you are home.

nicki has abx's for her disgusting mouth..she is switching from bupronorphine to tramadol for pain control. i will look at booking her dental in a week or two once the infection goes down.

black buddy has despite a pretty damn good appetite, continued to lose weight. he is down 3 pounds from his last check. this is really not great news, and nothing significant shows up on his exams or bloodwork. this leads to the assumption that he probably has an underlying cancer hiding somewhere. as a last ditch effort to turn him around and get him on to an upswing..he is starting steriods as a trial. we should know within a week or so if they are having a positive effect. if not, we will be looking at his euthanization sooner than later i suspect.

one of our vets says that no dog deserves to die without a trial of steroids..well... here we go buddy, fingers are crossed that this works well for you.



Ditto the former comments, Black Buddy is a sweetheart, come on boy you can do it, we are all routing for you!

janet nicholson

I agree - Buddy needs more time to spend with you guys - hope the steriods help.


come on black buddy you so deserve a great chance at life. it sure seems the luck of the draw which freaking home you end up in the great homes and the shitty couldnt care less homes. buddy is now in a great home and he deserves to be spoiled and which he is and have some more time on this earth. praying for him.