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i don't want to make anyone paranoid but...

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2013

there are politics involved in rescue. i don't just mean the he said/she said, i don't like him or her kind. i also mean the politically incorrect, the getting into deep shit, ooops...just landed in an unfriendly rescue minefield kind.

you absolutely have to tread softly around certain things. now i know i don't really look like i tread all that softly, but trust me i do. it is not always just about the animals or doing right and not is about avoiding treading on toes...not stepping out of bounds, not accidently offending where no offence was intended at all. and sometimes it IS about doing all of that because you feel for whatever reason that this time you have to.

most of you guys are used to how i do things at saints..most of you guys really love saints. but..just because i do it or we do it..just because you love us, just because i said it or already did it... doesn't mean it is going to go over with someone else all that great.

i am somewhat protected because i have been around a long time, i have a ton of rescue political experience, can handle some of the less fun shit AND i have a blog and am not afraid to use it.

it is really important too that folks don't speak for me..i can and will speak for myself if there is a need. you are free to speak your opinions, share your views, offer suggestions and can even be politically incorrect if you like. and you can learn like i did when to stomp ahead or when to walk soft in the school of hard knocks. but you are in a whole different league if you put yourself in the ring with me because you don't know where the rescue quicksand surrounding me is and i do.

there are a lot of different folks who read this blog. some are surrendering families who do not want to read that someone thinks they are a loser. there are other rescues here who may or may not like me or each other. there are occasionally prickly people who think a particular post or a comment may be directed towards them when maybe it isn't. there are folks i have taken a whack at or have taken a good whack at me. there are people i have refused to adopt to, removed a foster from, fired as a staff person or volunteer, forgotten to answer an email from or neglected to smile at 2 weeks ago. some read the blog to see if i am pointing a finger their way..some read it out of curosity to see what we are up to now, some want to know how the animals are doing, some want to see if my insanity or how much i suck at rescue is showing its full face yet. and some just like a good, long rescue story that just doesn't ever end.

whatever..i get it. i know the risks when i post. it is one thing to walk into the line of fire knowing full well with bullet proof vest on under my clothes. it is totally another to innocently step into an unseen war zone..people can get hurt by accident or on purpose.

so as a learning tool..i will give a concrete example. and please no one take offence by this, it is meant for learning purposes only. and just so everyone one has gotten upset over this..i am just using it as an example of what might have caused offence to someone in similar circumstances.

so marta posted and kindly offerrred to contact VRR about the bunny. she didn't know that lisa who also offerred to help him was from SARS. neither of them knew that i had already suggested rescue to the family with the bunny and they do not want to go that route which is totally fine with me. it would have been poor rescue manners to push the family into going thru rescue when they are not ready. it also would have been poor rescue manners to ignore SARS offer of help and go to VRR. it would have been poor rescue manners to dump another bunny on VRR when there were already two other options available for this bunny so why bother them?

i am well aware of the other rescues out there..i pretty much know who does what and how. my personal pilosophy is..i rarely ask other rescues to take animals in. i may ask for cross posting, or referrals if they have any..i may occasionally ask for advice. i may point people in the direction of a rescue web search to seek help from some unnamed but there for them to find source. but i don't give out other rescue's numbers or emails to the general public so they can get stuck with an animal that i don't want or can't take in. it bugs me (a certain rescue is horrible for giving out my personal cell number for every cat they hear about over 6.) anyway..i don't like it so i don't do it to others. and most of the folks at saints, probably don't know this is my comfort zone on how i operate. so on top of everything else that might not fly...asking me to involve another rescue is a moot point. i say yes or no or maybe for saints only. i don't go seeking other solutions out there...that is not my job or my job is saints.

and you have to understand that there are other reasons for this too...many years ago...EVERYONE loved Big Dog Rescue, until they found out they were starving the dogs. for awhile, some folks liked and supported a rescue that was brokering small dogs up from LA and flipping them quickly for cash, others supported a rescue that dressed up like animal control officers and stole well cared for family pets from their back yards. there are cat rescues out there with 300 sick and stressed cats. and there are dog rescues who euth for what i consider to be very minor issues but which they think are pretty damn big.
to each his own i suppose..but i would not chose to be responsible for sending any animals to somewhere i don't agree with or where they might not receive the proper care, so i don't.

anyway..the point of this very long post is...there may be things in the background, things on the sidelines, things hidden behind or underneath other things. not everything is just as simple as what you see on the surface of things.

we all like to think that saints is the end all and be all of the rescue world..but we are just a small corner. it is ok to stumble occasionally around here cuz we really don't care, none of us all are that swift all the time on our feet. but it behooves us to use a bit of caution when expanding our involvement in rescue outside our gates. it is a much bigger and wider and more complex world out there.

if you would like to learn more about this...join the brindleweb facebook rescue page. you will get a chance to see and learn from others out there cuz we live in a bubble here and at this stage in my rescue life... i quite like that. but this isn't the best place to learn about the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the ever changing politically correct scene of the rest of the rescue world.



Hey Carol, thanks for your post i thought about it after i already posted post that could this be Lisa from Sars?

And was about to say never mind if Lisa had already posted to help your in good hands.

But i did not realize till later it was actually Lisa . I was thinking for some reason only people from saints read and post here.. I misunderstood the blog . Now i know anyone can post here and read them .

I would have never contacted anyone without the go ahead first either from the owner/person who had the animal or from Carol at Saints. . I agree i would never want to offend anyone or waste anyone’s time when help was already available .

SARS and VRRA are both wonderful rescue organization that love and care for the rabbits. They are like SAINTS and many other wonderful rescues helping the animals of the world ..

That is a beautiful rabbit who deserves love and care and a permanent home and help from whomever whether it be the family , Saints , Sars or Vrra my interest is in helping all rabbits always.

I heard of Bridle web and know some others who use it and say it is great .. Hope you can explore that idea and it works well for you Carol.

Also i want to show my respect and gratitude for the people out there doing the front line work such as SARS, VRRA, Saints and many others without their love and support many animals would not be here . I have met so many great people who help animals there is always love and good intensions never Egos.


the family doesn't want to go thru rescue yet because they are attached to the bunny and would like to see him thru to a good home themselves. they asked me to spread the word amongst our responsible animal loving world so that is a good place to start. i won't refer on to them any unprepared homes and neither will you.

i don't have a problem with this for a couple of reasons...rescue should be only for the ones who have run out of options or all of us would be totally overwhelmed (much more so than we all are now...)..and this is how rescuers are born....helping their first animal..and then their second and third and their fourth....

not to worry lisa SARS comes up pretty quick when web searching for rabbit rescue in our area. folks will find you as long as they know where to look and i do tell them that.

and you are right that the young cutie ones themselves are a bit of a problem because everyone wants them...(shit, i wanted him as soon as i saw him!)

i don't think you need to worry about this particular bunny, these folks want to do this well. and if at some point the whole process becomes too much for them..they do know where i live.


As far as the owners of the rabbit go, I say let them **fill their boots** is easy to give a rabbit away, especially like that one as people will come out of the wood work looking for it. And I really hope they do some sort of home visit, know where & how it will be housed, *SPEUTER it* before adoption and makes sure who ever *wants* it knows how to care for it's coat.

The LAST thing I or our rescue needs is another friggin rabitso no skin off my nose that they don't want to go the rescue route...but after debating with myself, I offered as I knew how people will go for the bun and how it will end up down the road. I figured we could help with the right match and becasue it is so *cute etc*, it would find a home fairly quickly.

I dont' care myself if you give out our number or not as it is out there anyways and if a rabbit might be at risk or in a special circumstance I would hope other rescues would call or give our number.

I try to make it very clear that we are ALWAYS there to help with any rabbit/small animal in trouble, old, crippled, special needs or has no other options. If we can't take it in, then we network for it.

I also certainly hope the family isn't *going the rescue route* because they think it is something horrible because we work too damn hard to be judged by someone who might not even know us.

I just wish the bunny well. And I hope it is altered before they give it away.


lol both of you. good luck with the ego parkade much as egos are a pain the ass, they actually can get a fair amount one likes to be left in the dust!

and bridget..i don't just wear big girl pants...i wear GRANNY pants..they may no longer be pretty but they can stand up to life and hold a pretty big ass.


you wear big girl pants, Carol, unlike people who start dramarama.
i know you can take whatever people toss.

Janice ter Borg

Oh, Carol I know exactly what you mean! I just had a huge shit-fest here in Calgary with different rescue people. Egos should be left at the door in animal rescue.