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noses are useful things.

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2013

i use mine quite a lot. i use it to detect when my home needs a more thorough cleaning. i use it to decide if the diabetics bloodsugars are too high..i can smell the resulting ketotic acetone like a fiend. i can smell internal bleeding, blood in feces or vomit. i can smell when the rat population is getting out of hand and i can smell when the same population control measures are working. i can smell rain just before it comes, i can smell the roses if i slow down and take the time..heck i can smell many things.

noses are good for holding my glasses on my face and preventing them from falling off. they are also good for reassuring the dogs.

tonight my nose was used as a licking spot by mini me. she likes to check in with how i am doing by licking my nose periodically. instead of a mood ring..i have a mood nose. if my nose mood is just right, all is well in mini's world.

but the exciting news is that today i discovered a new use for my nose...curtesy of my young granddaughter, annabelle. while i was watching her this afternoon, she used my nose for sticking princess stickers on..she thought this was fun. it took some good hand-eye coordination on her part (she is only 2 and a half) to peel the stickers off the paper and stick them onto my nose. it also took the use of some good negotiation skills as she solomnly convinced me that i actually do LIKE princess stickers stuck on my nose.

for all of my whining and complaining about how big my nose is growing as i just never occured to me that my nose could be more than just a multi-tasking sniffer, a mood register, a holder of glasses when i am too blind to see. my nose has graduated into the REAL big nose interactive, educational, learning toy for a very much loved, 2 yr old, princess sticker sweetie.



Love this post and would love it more if I could see a picture of your nose being used to hold princess stickers. Wow Annabelle must have some pretty good hand/eye coordination.

shelagh f

lots of apples and canned food arriving Monday. Seemed
like there was still enough last week, but not all may
have been good. What a glorious day today. enjoy


not a chance lynne....there goes my sometimes handy intimidation factor right down the drain!

yay bunny and brent...we are totally out of all apples and fruit for today!

Bunny Horne

Carol & KO if you are reading this morning, Brent and I are working Saturday NOT Sunday and we have the usual mix of fruits and veggies for the not-so-pain-in-the-ass barn guys. See you soon.


Sorry to be off topic can either Carol or Laura please call me urgent 604-854-3294 or 604-626-3791 thanks