Rescue Journal

the MEAN big babies around here.

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2013

i woke up at 6 and i thought, i should get up. then i thought why? i am on vacation.
then i thought so freaking what???? and i got up.

honestly, i have the stupidest arguments with myself at times, totally pointless. if i am asleep, then fine...stay in bed...if i am awake then get the heck up!

how hard is that?

angel had a good night, she was up for a bit with a gently wagging to and fro tail. she was glad to be safe and at home again.

odie has an ear thing going on...not like we can do anything about it. altho, maybe since we can't clean it, medicate it or take him into the vets to even get it looked at...maybe i could try oral antibiotics and see if that helps. there are very few animals that i can't find some way to provide treatment...but odie and chance would be part of that few.
i have told both of them, one day they are going to regret being such uncooperative and dickheaded freakouts. they do not agree...their rule is.."you will NOT medically touch me."
fine, enjoy your itchy ear it starts hurting pretty damn soon.
but i will give the oral meds a chance just in case they might work.

you are probably thinking, come on hard can it be to just muzzle and hold the little bastards down while you do whatever it is that they need?
well if the vets can't do it with all of their trained staff...i can't do it either.
chance is so freaking mean and vicious when he is pissed off and his face is so freaking flat that there is not a muzzle on the earth that will fit and i have tried them all. i have thought about sticking his head in a really thick woolen sock, but since it is his eyes and ears that are the occasional problem, that won't work.
and while odie has a mouth and nose that will go into a muzzle...he just twists and turns and throws himself around like a bezerk bucking bronco, working himself right up to a cardiac arrrest. i just can't see the point in putting surolan in a dead dog's ear. i suppose if it gets bad enough we can fully sedate him to at least have a look...but then what? sedate him 2 or 3 times a day to put drops in? not very practical.

i could say to guys should not be so freaking difficult and insane over up close and personal medical shit...but what good does that do? they are who they are. the trick with both of them is to keep them healthy, keep them from developing more even minor medical issues. at times, caring for a blind, diabetic, hypothyroid, hysterically mean, biting machine and a tempermentally nasty, parapalegic, hyperallergenic, dry eyed mini mongolian monster with chronic eye, ear and skin issues... can be challenging in the extreme.

whatever..i will try to figure this out so big mean biting baby odie's ear can maybe stop itching (but part of me thinks every single itchy ear moment he suffers.... serves him damn right.)



They sound like my Sam (my 24 pound cat). We have an understanding. It took awhile (and a bit of my blood being shed) for me to come around to it but we get along fine now. No oral meds (shots only) and NO harnesses. I give him what he wants and he lets me keep my blood.