Rescue Journal

the monster pup is back

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2013

i picked fletch up from the clinic, he literally threw himself at me, clipped my chin with his teeth, and made me bleed. i popped him into the car and a block away from the clinic, he squatted and peed in the back seat.

i found myself not so secretly wishing the clinic had accidently let him play with a bottle of euthanol while he was there but they didn't.
welcome home fletcher.. puppy pain in the ass.
fletcher_zps216bafa3 photo fletcher_zps216bafa3-1_zpsa4861944.jpg



Carol, I understand how you can love Fletcher while railing against his pain-in-the-ass puppy behaviour. I am used to older dogs and cats. A few months ago I fostered a kitten that my dogs had found. Eventually, I found him a great home, but he really tried my patience. I named him "Rocket" because he would race around the house like a rocket! He did all those wonderful kitty things that one would normally love and encourage in a kitten-- if one didn't have to make sure he was not killed by three Karelian Bear Dogs as he annoyed them so much! It must be hard to deal with Fletcher when you are used to comparatively well-behaved (except for Odie) senior animals!


LOL you're just cranky with him.... But he, and I, know you Luis him! ;)


you should consider taking him cheri...on a bad puppy may not be a requirement for adoption that he actually does survive.


I know it's better for him and you that he have a forever home.... But ooooh I've missed hearing your stories of the pain in the ass puppy! I would take him in a heart beat if I thought he could survive life with my Saint Bernard. :(
Gentle hugs to you sweet Fletcher!

shelagh f

That is just what I was going to post. That picture
of Fletch, is adorable. He really can't help himself,
he is a baby. (no I can't take him)