Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2013

when i got home tonight, he wasn't well. weak in the hind end, lethargic, unable to get up on his own and frozen in place and trembly when i did get him up, he also started doing this odd panting thing. he had significantly changed from this morning. i called erin and she said he was his normal self today and fine when she left him at 2pm. the clinics were closing and i did get him booked in for a drop off in the morning but the more i watched him the more worried i became. i didn't know what was wrong with him but he was so weak and he seemed so utterly physically exhausted that i was afraid that something big was happening and we would have to do the big rush to emerg in the middle of the night. i decided to take him right then and there...better early than late.

i picked up mo on the way so i would have some company and because i was so freaking tired, i figured she could keep me awake.

they pulled some blood and did an abd xray (it was fine) and he was a bit perkier by the time we headed home. he had a long nap on the long car ride home so by the time we got here, he was feeeling even better, almost normal again. the vet said it was ok to give him some tramadol so i gave him a dose as soon as we got in.

i still don't know what happened to him..i just know that he suddenly became a very ancient, weak, unsteady and old dog in just a few hours and for no apparent reason. in any case, he is more back to his usual self now so i guess tonights emerg adventure was good for him.

emerg will send the bloodwork over to our vets in the morning, and erin can drop shane and his xrays off at the clinic for colleen to have a look at. and i guess we will see if she can figure out what the heck was happening with shane tonight cuz i haven't a clue.

and thx mo for joining us, your company was greatly appreciated by us both!!



Thank you for calling me carol.. you can anytime. It is nice for me to be able to spend quiet time with any of the SAINTs guys.. and last night while we waited in the car as you paid the bill Shane & I had a few quiet minutes just to " be " with each other. I sang him his song softly in his ear ( Let your love speak )and every once in a while he pulled his head back & looked me directly in the eyes.. I wonder what he was thinking " who the hell are you " ?... " whatever you do.. don't quit your day job" ?...hey lady..are you coming on to me ? " ... whatever was going on in his head , he seemed happy to be back in you car and I was happy to be with him . I hope he isn't leaving us anytime too soon.


i had him out on saturday for a great walk and he bounced right along, happy as could be. he is such a nice dog and loves when i take him for a walk. hope he is around for awhile longer. love you shane.