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alistair passed peacefully away at 5:30 pm

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2013

rest in peace were a Good Dog...the absolute best.

Updated by Jenn with photos

Here is a quote from Carol when Al first arrived in August of 2008

"alistair and gwen had their first full field run with all of the dogs and they did just great, 14 yr old al runs like the wind, rolls with utter abandon and plays like a fiend…"

and 4 years later at 18 years of age he was still doing it ... with Mystic and the giant teddy

This is from August 2012


Summer of 2011



AL, thank you for the love and joy you gave me. I am honoured to have you as a friend. I love you and will miss you forever.


Godspeed, Al. You were so loved by so many & will be missed terribly. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind. My deepest sympathies to all of the SAINTS staff who gave Al such a wonderful home.


So sorry to hear of Al's passing Carol and all who shared in his life. It was to quite at the barn this morning.I will miss his barking at the gate in the morning to get the day started on the weekends, and then to rush out and push through your legs almost knocking you over, and for him telling you with his barking that it was time the walk was over, and time for his feeding at the barn. I hope you are looking for that ever elusive frog by a pond Al, you were a great dog and will be missed.

wendy scott

So sorry to hear about Al, he was a beautiful dog. I always loved the picture of him and Jelly in front of the barn. RIP dear Al


I have no words to express how much Al meant to me .
and how extrodinary he was . We all loved him so much and will never forget him.

Al is with Gwen ..that brings some comfort.


RIP, Al. The tales of your adventures always made me smile. Condolences to all who loved him.


Al, you brought a smaile to so many faces over the years. It was an honor to know you.


You were the most amazing dog and I feel blessed to have had the chance to have you in my life. Love you Al <3


R.I.P Al, you were my barn buddy that would jump the fence every morning just to come see me. I will always remeber the countless hours we played fetch.You brought a happiness will be missed.


HUGE loss....Al you were the king of the will be greatly missed...but never forgotten


Goodbye Al.. you were a great dog. I will miss you. What a loss. I'm sorry, Carol, for you and everyone at SAINTS who loved him.

Lori Paul

The power of music is not just for sorry for your loss Carol and all the wonderful volunteers at Saints who loved Al so dearly...he was a lucky dog to have you all!

Brenda Mc

amazing love story Maggie - thank you - makes me think of Mo singing to the animals at SAINTS.


Maggie, what a beautiful story.
RIP Al. You were a wonderful boy to have at Saints


I took a long walk along Hayward Lake late this afternoon. It was raining so it was solitary until a chanced upon a wonderful couple with a yellow lab called Tess. We stopped and chatted, about dogs we have known and loved.
They then told me a wonderful story about a couple they know who had adopted a lab who had been badly abused and was still very fearful of strangers. One day about six weeks ago the fellow took the dog to work and something happened to scare this fragile boy and he bolted. For a month this couple searched, they kept hearing about sightings here and there, they even caught sight of him a couple of times in the bush but couldn’t get near enough.
Every spare moment was spent looking for this dog they had welcomed into their home, in desperation they hired a fellow with a tracking dog and spent hours with him. One day, a couple of weeks ago, a month after he had gone missing, they were out among the blueberry fields and caught sight of him at the other end of an enormous field. He was very scared; he recognized them but was so traumatized he wouldn’t come near. The female half of this amazing couple then did something that makes me cry just thinking about it…she lay down in the mud and softly started singing a song she sang to him all the time when he was home. This very scared dog slowly walked towards her then lay down next to her as she continued singing to him.
On days when we think we can’t stand any more loss we need to hear stories like this.


Oh this is such sad news, my first experience at saints was watching in amazement as Al jumped the fence when he saw Mo arrive at the barn, sweet dreams buddy you were a truly lovely boy. Big big hugs Carol.

Brenda Mc

Al is romping with Gwen now - I'm sure. Very sorry to read this post. Al was a very special guy. Hugs to you Carol - thanks to SAINTS for all the love he received.


So sad, loved Al, he was a loving, carefree dog who welcomed everyone to SAINTS. He will certainly be missed and my heart goes out to you Carol.


How heartbreaking. I first met Al as an inquisitive little puppy with a very big heart. He hung out with his lady Gwinnie; you rarely saw one without the other. I remember very happy walks along the Stave River, our very special place below the Ruskin Dam, Al, Gwinnie and my two dogs. Bad times came and eventually they both ended up at Saints.
Gwen went off to live with Mo and Al stayed at Saints where he had the time of his life, lots of action, loads of love, and at the end of the day he was able to snuggle up with Carol. He thought he had ended up in heaven.
Bless you Al.

Bunny Horne

Al - I hope you know how much we all loved you. You were the very best of dogs. You brought so much light into many lives. You will be missed. RIP sweet sweet boy.


and carol he passed knowing that he was so loved, what more can a dog ask for he came from a dark place and ended up with a shining light that was his home. they all do at saints.


oh my god i am so sorry carol he was such a good boy i wished i could have given him another hug tomorrow. rip sweetheart your time at saints was special.


I am so sorry to hear this...he was such a good dog. RIP sweet boy, you will be so missed