Amazing Raise Update...

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2013

A few people have asked so I thought if I made a post about it wouldn't get lost. The fundraiser is going to be held on the restaurant side of Mission Springs Brewing Company. This means that children are welcome.

The total ... so far as I know it is

MP Room $515
House $1410
Barn $1310



hey its me shelagh lol i know it was meant to be in fun no offence taken. i just wanted to yank your chains. tess is actually one of my favorite dogs and i guess we raise as much as we all can for all the animals. you do have a smaller number of people in the mp room but you also have carol and jenn. that is a huge plus. go mp room go go go lol


I am glad Saints is doing this fundraiser and i feel terrible i am in no financial position to help anyone right now ..

My dad has been in the hospital for over 3 months, my truck is toast so I am having a bit of a struggle . .

It seems a lot of people are finding it hard financially right now .. I would love to raise money for our Bunnies, Chickens, Turkey and Cats So our medical room/ Bunny Room could be in competition with the rest of you ..

The winners it sounds like in the long run are the animals i hope next year i will be able to participate and help more then i was able this year.

Sorry if I am letting anyone down but i just cant do it this year. too much hope you can understand ..

Thanks Marta


does not matter who you give to as long as you give. the mp guys are great but i love my house dogs too and the cats they are all special and we just want to give all of them a great life.

shelagh f

all the people who can't get to Saints, and don't get
to know the animals personally should vote for the mp room.
There's Tess, who endured many indignities lately.
Georgia, who doesn't get much coverage, who kind of
just putzes along everyday enjoying a gentle scratch
and stands on those wobbly bent legs. Max, who loves
to chase the ball, no one will ever throw it enough
for him. Black Buddy, who is sooo skinny, and just
enjoys any attention. Pepper, who is, well, Pepper.
Granny, and Marvin cats who enjoy a great life in
their fragile cat enclosure. All the dogs and cats and bunnies and chickens need our support. The mp room guys are quiet, but we are
behind in the race, and need support. Go MP room!


i am so sorry that i can not make it to the pub night but will leave a donation in the mp room next week as i have a few more people to collect from. go house team but more importantly go saints. you are awesome carol and the animals are just great. hope your day is a success.