Rescue Journal

it was a bit of an odd day....

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2013

in some respects it was a very good rain, sunshine, good folks all around us getting things done.
but there were some not so great moments..odie bit 3 people..not hard but enough for everyone to know he was sketchy today.
he has settled quite well again but even that was a bit odd. his past owner dropped by unexpectedly, and since odie wasn't having a great day, i invited him in. odie was so happy to see him i was glad that i did. i was afraid tho since this wasn't a great odie day, that he would be upset when his friend left again. but he was ok..i gave him a peanut butter pirate cookie (not so great for a diabetic but oh well...) and he was happy enough and settled inside himself again so that is ok.

jenn experienced her first pack up..she didn't like that very is scary. we don't have them too often around here because our dogs are mostly seniors and past that kind of thing. but unfortunately it happened today with the younger dogs.
she was taking phoebe and daphne out to play...phoebe was charged up and daphne was on the other side of the gate in the dog yard. when she tried to open it to let daphne thru...mystic, halo, fletcher and june all barged thru and as a united and overexcited pack, jumped phoebe in the blink of an eye. phebes is ok...just one small wound, but it scared the crap out of her and jenn too.

pack ups are odd things..totally unpredictable. it is a mob mentality that burns bright for a moment or two out of nowhere and then is just gone. as best as i can figure it, phoebe on the side of the fence that they all wanted to be on, made her the rage receptor when they finally got thru. odd how all of their brains worked in synch and she became the unhappy target in that one single second of everybody.

jenn pretty much now hates all of my dogs! i have seen pack ups before..i don't like them and they really piss me off but they happen. the right mix, the right circumstances and dogs will behave in ways not normal for them. pack mentality is not a can be a reality somedays.

anyway..phebes is ok..the other four are back to their normal selves so that is good. i do however think that fletcher was the instigator and spark in this and that worries me because i have seen a couple of other things in him that i don't like. i know his is just a puppy but his a half grown puppy and it looks like he will live to grow up even long as he doesn't become a real danger here.
i am watching you fletcher..don't even think about growing up into a total asshole..i will not tolerate it here.



still not nearly as uncivilized as human pack ups and much shorter duration eh


yeah, but every one of you wouldve had an "awwwww" moment today if youdve seen fletcher squished up sleeping on the tiny sliver of couch that june wasnt using. both snoring in their lil patch of sunshine. i need to carry a camera to get proof of stuff like this :)


Oh my sweet Fleycher becoming an pain in the ass teenager are you?! Be good handsome fella. There's a reason most dogs are surrendered at his age, they're air headed assholes. Hope Phebes is ok.


Poor Phebes. I hope she got a peanut butter cookie to help her feel better.


Fletcher was a handful on Saturday too. He did settle into the morning walk but annoyed the dogs in the beginning. Also was barking at the barn animals thru the fence so I moved the metal siding that was leaning in the corner incase he cut himself on it. We gave him a time out in a stall which settled him down a bit...for a few minutes :-)


Poor phoebe. I felt so bad for her, we didn't get to go out and play either since she needed to come back in and have her wound tended to.

Brenda Mc

Glad I missed the pack up - Fletch did jump on Halo earlier today as well, which surprised me. She was fine, but Fletch was a bit too over-excited with the tour coming thru. I love Fletch, but his strength is increasing, and his exuberance with it.


If I walk all three of my dogs together, they go ballistic when they see other dogs, or horses, or whatever. They are such a bad pack, out in the world, awesome at home. When I walk them individually, they are SO GOOD. Silly dogs.