One more Amazing Raise Update....

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2013

I need to know by March 20th who is purchasing tickets and exactly how many... The restaurant is looking for that count to be able to appropriately have the right amount food on site for us so I will not be selling tickets at the door. In order for all of us to be fed relatively on time it is important that the count is as accurate as possible. I will hold tickets for you if you contact me before March 20th. Also if you are a vegetarian and see this could you drop me a line that you will be ordering the vegetarian burger... this is all so that we have a relatively smooth ordering and delivering of food. The email address is




derek and jen would like 2 tickets left for them at the door. and another 2 tickets at the door for odie's dad jim.
i haven't asked my family yet,..i think with the new babies, they won't be able to come but i will ask them this week and let you know.
in any case i will need one too.
so thats five for sure please and thank you.