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heads up...

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2013

ali is redoing the barn feed book..everyone make sure to read it carefully until fully familiar with any new changes.

we are going to move pepper, britney and georgia over to the medical room. they can still visit the mp room and wander around in and outside when someone is in there with them but cooper is getting really grumpy with pepper so i have decided to move the three frailest/most confused out and keep them seperate when we can't supervise.

fletcher is becoming a real problem. i have decided that we must stop the recent habit the dogs have gotten into with fence fighting. they think it is fun..i think it just winds everyone up in a very negative way.
so from now on...if dogs are out in both the front and dog yard...someone has to be out there with them to immediately stop any fence fighting (i will put a bucket of water there to toss on the offenders and please add a VERY firm NO! BAD DOGS!! KNOCK IT OFF NOW!!

(and don't anyone even think to start on me about positive training techniques...manage upwards to forty dogs living communally, some of which are total dickheads AND keep the peace, then we can talk about the benefits of positive training.)
i personally don't really have this problem because i alternate the dogs out in each yard...front yard dogs yard dogs yard dogs out...front yard dogs in. i am lazy..why create a problem if i don't have to. but if they are all out in both yards at the same time, someone has got to police them and stop them from being me they will not listen to you when in the throes of a fence fighting frenzy unless you have their undivided attention...the cold water splashed on their idiotic mother deaf heads will immediately shift their focus so they can and will hear you.

remember to refill the can use the water tank out in the front yard.

oh and....when moving dogs out for walks...have a firm grASP ON A SHORT LEASH AND HAVE YOURSELF BETWEEN THE DOG AND THE FENCE..MOVE QUICKLY AND DIRECTLY FROM DOOR TO GATE, DO NOT HANG AROUND AND LET A LEASHED DOG FENCE FIGHT....oops sorry, i wasn't yelling at you guys, like i was above at the dogs, i hit the caps button by mistake. fence fighting is to be tolerated for even one second..put the fear of carol in them when i am not here.
hopefully that helps to settle some of fletchers growing bad habits down if we can keep him from getting himself all wound up.
in any case they will all learn pretty damn quick not to fence fight cuz they all hate getting unexpectedly wet.



That little bugger! I've been trying to send him positive vibes...guess I'm too far away! Sorry they're being dickheads, can't make your already ridiculously hard life more so.
Hope your feeling better Carol!

Bunny Horne

A hint about throwing water, try to hit the dogs not the volunteers or staff. Having been on the receiving end of that bucket of water I can advise I did smarten up right away.