Rescue Journal

shopping help?

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2013

i have just been working until i get thru what i absolutely have to do, then i call it quits and come home....going to aim for the same today but then that is it, i need to stay home for a bit.

we were short staffed yesterday so i put the barn guys to bed. it went ok..i just did it in slow-mo and the guys were really cooperative...they are all such kind animals. it is helpful when you have your own comfortable routine of putting one foot in front of the other, moving easily from one task on to the next without really having to think. it is kind of like an autopilot thing to get you to where you need to be.

thx dionne for feeding the mp dogs..that helped quite a lot!!!

i can't remember who got us those walk thru metal gates that we use between the mp room and office and the bedroom and dog room but we need one more. i want to set one up between the medical room and the rabbit room to close when we need to without having to close the actual door.
if someone can pick one up, we can reimburse? i really do not want to have to go thru shopping or hunting right now...i can't do that on autopilot very well.



I have plastic baby gates, can bring one up tomm if only just for temporary.