Rescue Journal

good morning... or maybe not.

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2013

mini me had a bad night last night...i think she is starting congestive heart failure..i will see if one of the vets can see her today. we usually have a couple of cardiac cripples floating around at any given time but then suddenly all of them had passed. then we had months without any til hubby and mumford. now it looks like mini and tina will soon be joining the cardiac club. not really all that surprizing since they have both crossed over into absolutely ancient...those old hearts are bound to eventually start to wear down.

thank gawd i took a sick day today..i just woke up and dragged my sorry butt out of bed. this cold has finally made the full ugly drop right down into my chest. arghhh...i am reduced to miserable status.

i haven't talked to sheila lately about the fundraiser this weekend so i don't know what to expect...a bust or a success? last i heard tickets weren't selling all that well and then i forgot to check to see if it got better.
whatever. today i don't really care. if we can't make enough money to keep going then i am going to get a nice, long, rescue-free rest.

sighing wheezily..not really..... i still have all these wrecked guys already here. but it sounded ok for a second there. whatever again..we will make it thru come hell or high water/feast or famine.... we always do.... so i am not going to worry about it again.

well..i better get dressed. it is spring break so the staff get to bring their kids to work (are i not a great boss?! not really...) i like kids and i like full staff at work during spring break even better. but i better get dressed so my current dragged thru the shit state doesn't scare the kids off.



hey erin was happy i am sure sorry erin that i was not there today too much going on.