Rescue Journal

it will be a long night.

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2013

odie is awake, i got him to eat and take his meds but he is in so much discomfort. he just stands with his head hanging down, wanting but afraid to lay down because of the pain. his belly is so swollen, i wasn't expecting that. i have given him metcam as an anti-inflamatory and tramadol just for the pain. i wish i could do more for him.
such utter sadness at saints.



Morning Carol, I hope Odie had a better night than you expected, big hugs to both of you.


Carol, I can't tell you how sorry I am. What a wretched, no-win situation. But what were you to do? Sometimes those tough decisions seem so dreadful, but it is clear they are imperative. And somebody gets tagged to be the one to make the call. Nothing is going to make this any better, but if it means anything, I would have made the same decision. You did not have any choice.


Oh such sad news today. As others have said, I too am very upset about Fletcher and sweet Odie. How heartbreaking for you Carol. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. You had no choice. I hope Odie settles and can find a comfortable position. Hopefully the meds you gave him help his pain. A pain patch may help too. Sending you hugs and strength.


My thoughts are with you all tonight.
Strength and love to you Carol for all that you do, you have to deal with such pain and loss everyday.
Healing energy to the sweet Odie.
And I won't lie, I've shed more than a few tears for Fletcher tonight, wish that things could have been different for him and all of you.
Gentle hugs!