Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2013

i slept quite a lot yesterday..i napped on and off and actually slept not too bad last night so maybe i am starting to feel a bit better...knock on wood.

yesterday was janice's last day...too hard to be running her own rescue and over here too. we are going to tighten our belts a bit and not hire to replace her. lexi is going to move up to full time at the barn and renee will be finished school in a month and is willing to fill in any gaps so i think we can work it all out without having to go the hiring route. whew.

i had to turn away an old sick cat yesterday, that hurt. i do have to stick to the plan. i want to get our numbers down to the point that if something happens to me, saints can go on safely, and smoothly...and that means getting to a more sustainable and managable size. maybe one day we will reach the point of being able to purchase, build, staff and maintain a facility for seniors and special needs that will come closer to meeting the demand...but we are not there yet. time to get my head out of my ass and deal with what we actually have.

it is so nice to see squirt so happy..not just with us but with his very own best friend now too. he and jazzy have become quite the duo. they are playing together and hanging out together..two active little dogs on a similar lets have some fun mission in a sea of giant old farts. squirt has always been a bit on the periphery of the dog world here...skirting around the edges... but now he feels included too. good thing jazzy is totally incontinent, the chances of her getting adopted away from him are really quite slim.
i am happy that squirt has his very own friend.

judd has made the transition to saints like a total champ. he is such a nice dog. even tho i screwed up the plan by letting him in, i am glad i did. plus..even tho he is a sixteen year old epileptic with bad skin..i think with the right person, he is adoptable just because he is such a truly nice boy. hope floats that i am right.

well..i better get moving busy day today. there is all of the chores that need doing this morning, the fundraiser this afternoon, and then bedtime routine after that. i highly doubt i will be napping today!



Hi! I noticed that there are some other groups getting close to our S.A.I.N.T.S. "Share the Bounty" total. Just a reminder to me and everyone to vote every day and encourage your friends to do so!