Final Amazing Raise Totals

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2013

I haven't yet got the total down to a fine science yet because I am avoiding counting all those coins. There is over $300's in coins ... I am going to have fun tomorrow. There were a few errors in counting yesterday because LEILA forgot to add $325 dollars to the house team. And an additional $150 came in for the MP room over the internet and okay between me and Leila we can't count.

The gross was about $13,500 and I am expecting a bill for over $1100 for the food so we netted $12,500 ( $1500 short from last year but who is counting... oh yeah I am)

The totals "Raise" amounts were as follows
MP Room - $3,444.35
House - $3,330
Barn - $2,830

Thank you to Brent and Bunny for raising $425 by selling 50/50 tickets and Alison for donating her winnings back to the Shelter (Yeah Team Barn), and honorable mention goes to Shawn Dodd for the most creative way of raising money (she sold her clothes online).

Could the person who brought in the sheet with donations from Tanya H, Dale C, Alison G. Sharon E, and P Mason email me your name - it isn't on the donation form and I need to know who you are to get you a gift certificate as your winning prize. I was thinking that I would like to buy $25 gift certificates from Mission Springs for the Team MP Room volunteers who fundraised; but if you prefer another restaurant (like Cactus Club) please email me at

Also - everyone mark their calendar for the Wishes 4 Wishes Fundraiser on September 28th at the Pitt Meadows Golf Club.



Great Job, Great People, Great animals.

How can you go wrong with that winning combination ?

Thanks so much you guys for all you do for SAINTS.

Bunny Horne

Crap, I have to start hooking (rug hooking that is) like a maniac for the September Gala. ANYONE interested in a small rug hook project of your favorite SAINTS animal or volunteer feel free to contact me - I am working hard to be the fastest hooker in the west. Proceeds will be going to the September event. Don't forget about the collector cards - Mystic is the most favorite (big surprise) and she is almost sold out.


Great job, Sheila and Leila, and the burgers were very good. I confess, I split my donation between the three areas, I just couldn't take sides as everyone in each team puts so much effort into what they are doing.

Brenda Mc

Amazing job Sheila and Leila: Are you sure the "house team" only lost the most collected by $64.?? I demand a recount! (Just kidding).......almost... It's all good, Brenda
Just a note : The burgers were really good too. I love this Pub.


great job sheila and leila...and yay to all three saints teams..way to go!!!