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Thank you to all re: Amazing Raise Pub Event

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2013

Thank you to everyone that came to yesterday's event to help support senior animals. It was great to see and chat with many of you and snap a photo or two. It was a very sucessful event, raising over $12,500 (net)! Incredible. Thanks to all who came, pledged or donated an item for our silent auction.

Special thanks to Sheila for organizing this event!

Here are a few photos

Volunteer Shawn and her soon to be husband

photo amazingraisepubnight22.jpg

Carol and volunteers Helga and Penny

photo amazingraisepubnight19.jpg

Carol and her family

photo amazingraisepubnight20.jpg

Me and my fiance

photo amazingraisepubnight21.jpg

Supporter and former volunteer, Barb and her friends

photo amazingraisepubnight15.jpg

Volunteers Bunny and Brent, who did an incredible job with the two 50/50 draws

photo amazingraisepubnight14.jpg

Volunteer and staff Erin and her husband and son and volunteer Kim

photo amazingraisepubnight7.jpg

Many voluntteers and supporters: Jennifer and Derek, Tammy, Brenda, Meghann and her hubby, Nicole

photo amazingraisepubnight5.jpg

Meghann enjoying one of the delicious burgers

photo amazingraisepubnight6.jpg

Volunteer Anne and her two beautiful grand babies

photo amazingraisepubnight4.jpg

A group of saints supporters

photo amazingraisepubnight3.jpg

Volunteers Nicole and Ali and friend

photo amazingraisepubnight2.jpg

Volunteers leila, sheila, and shelgha and friends

photo amazingraisepubnight1.jpg

our silent auction

photo amazingraisepubnight18.jpg

photo amazingraisepubnight16.jpg

photo amazingraisepubnight10.jpg

photo amazingraisepubnight13.jpg

photo amazingraisepubnight12.jpg

photo amazingraisepubnight8.jpg

photo amazingraisepubnight9.jpg

photo amazingraisepubnight11.jpg


Also here is a photo of odie from yesterday when he came home ... sleeping soundly

photo odie.jpg

And here is the new guy Judge - very cute and very sweet

photo judge4.jpg

photo judgenikkidaphebedbuddye.jpg

New photos added to facebook March album



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