Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2013

halo won't eat today...erin even tried the ice cream which was a big hit with her on the weekend. i just tried her with some homemade stew and she wouldn't have anything to do with it. ah shit... we are losing her. i will call the vets in the morning and see if they can squeeze her in on my lunch break. she is such a very good girl.



Carol, I forgot I signed up for a psychology experiment tomorrow so I'm going to work 8-1 if that's ok.


I was petting halo on the weekend and thinkink how wonderful her coat was..the jet black with a hue of chocolate brown..she is a good good dog and i am sad to read her time is here...hope floats and if she doesnt..go peacefully good girl.


Oh no, not another loss!! This run of sadness needs to stop for awhile, to give our hearts time to recover!!


halo was good as long as you did not go near her food bowl. lol she loved to guard it and as i said buddy was on the receiving end of her. she is a very sweet dog who will be missed.


I remember when she had just come in and you asked me to brush her and get her mats out. She was so good and patient. Halo is such a sweet dog.