Rescue Journal

halo's perspective.

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2013

i remember when her spca cruelty officer brought halo here a few months ago. she was weak, her hind legs sagged to the ground. she was in pain from a crippling hind end arthritis and in agony from a deep, constant burning of having to pee a few drops of bloody urine every five minutes. i remember her entire back end was softly sticky and hard spikey, caked with fresh and dried blood.
she was thin, the rest of her coat was dull, dirty and matted...she was a heartbreaking wreck of a dog.

i can't quite wrap my head around how any human being could bear witness to such obvious suffering and not do anything about it. yes she was old, yes she was arthritic, she had cancer, and yes she was terminal but for god's sake....some antibiotics, some pain meds, good food, a few baths and a brush...a warm and dry and comfortable bed made a world of difference in how she felt.

all she needed was some very basic care..nothing horrendously expensive, nothing too physically strenuous...just a little bit extra tender loving care.

halo came here to die..i knew it the moment i saw her. but i hoped before that happened, she would have a chance to live.

and she did.

we can be successful at saints but we are not heroes. the heroic would have been able to save fletcher and the others..hero's would have had what was so desperately needed. but we are ordinary people who can and do ordinary things and most times that is enough, but not always.

and so sometimes we grieve. i weep inside for fletcher, and watson, and clyde...i have a deep forever hurt for angel and emmit and bear.

but halo, black buddy, al, peluchi, snoopy, marg, bon jovi and all of the hundreds of others who have come here to eventually to die..i have a warm and soft sadness of loss but still a kind of joyful gladness that we were able to soften the heartbreaking hardship of their previously difficult lives.

halo will pass today...and it won't be a passage from filth, neglect, loneliness and terrible pain. she will pass from a loving, caring and comfortable place.

that is what we know how to do well at saints.

thank you chris for saving gave her a life of simple comfort and some happiness and thank you to everyone here hands on caring for her or supporting saints from a distance....halo will forever be grateful for this.

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Thank you for all you do - you are so amazing....
I have my own senior cat who has many issues & have actually been asked why I don't just have her "put down". She deserves to live her days in dignity with all the love & care I can possibly provide - it does not begin to repay the years of joy she has given me. Reading what you do moves me beyond words. What you give these animals is a gift they so truly deserve & gives their remaining days such meaning & joy....

Carol Ray

And sorry, but BTW; I too vote every day and encourage others to do the same - every chance that I get. Good luck.

I hope with everything in me that you win some of the money.

Carol Ray

I cried while reading this. I too feel a deep sadness for the ones that are never found, or found too late. Yet at the same time I'm so grateful that some, at least, find comfort and maybe some joy at SAINTS.

We all thank you; it is a small thing, given with all our hearts. Bless you, and thank you.


Sorry Carol, I beg to differ with you on this one.

Everyone at SAINTS are heroes. The things you all do, the lives that you change and improve so dramatically - how could you be any less?

While you can't stop the inevitable that happens to every living thing, you perform some amazing miracles along the way. And when their time comes, you continue to make them feel safe and loved during their passing.

As Sheryl said, thanks for all you and your staff do.


What a wonderful gift you were able to give her for an altogether too brief period of time.
RIP beautiful girl... there are lots of SAINTS waiting to greet you on the other side.


"we are ordinary people who can and do ordinary things"

You may be ordinary people, but you do extraordinary things.

Thank you for all you do.


I'm so glad she had time with you all to know love and kindness before she passed. I didn't know you Halo but I loved you too.
Too much sadness lately. :(
Hugs to you all, especially Halo

janet nicholson

Sad to see Halo pass over - but she is one of the lucky ones who goes with love and gentleness. May she guard the food dishes in heaven! And I vote daily for Share The Bounty and the Shelter Challenge - to honour all the Halo's and fletcher's and Mystic's - wish I could do more.

Sharon K

Beautiful sentiment.

I just voted on Share the Bounty and noticed SAINTS is not in 5th anymore. Everyone vote for sweeties like Halo.