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bad day for odie

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2013

not looking forward to today. i have to sedate odie and drop him off at the vets for his drain removal on my into work. the timing of the sedation is critical..i need to give it soon enough so he is calm by the time we get to the vets but not too early so he is wobbly and feels unsafe when i go to put him in the car or i will get bit again. he is such a tricky to handle bugger, i hope no human blood gets shed today...his i might not care.

the big dog room is empty...with halo gone, just jesse, mystic, june and andy left. with the gate fully open, some of those bed buddy brats could shift on over but they won't if i am not in there.

i said when halo, al and black buddy were gone, i would look at letting frankie the parapalegic pitbull in. but honestly? i don't want to. with so many recent losses, with the chaos of fletch..the last thing i want to deal with is an unknown 4 yr old pitbull who is crippled and will be highly stressed and broken hearted to boot.

once bitten, twice shy...i need to get over this.

maybe i will put him over til the middle of april and give myself some time to de-stress...the dog has a home and he is safe and i am not ready for pitbull rescue round twenty-two yet. we have had a lot of pits and pit crosses thru and except for al (and he had his moments when he was new too...)..most of them were in some way or another, a pain in the ass. it is not because primarily they are is because universally they are almost all block heads (except for al.) and frankie will be an issue due to his parapalegia..he is going to feel vulnerable when he arrives. dogs who do not feel safe, tend to be reactive...(case in point...mya..super good dog...MAJOR pain in the butt many dogs did she slice open in her first few weeks?...three i think.) i am not ready to objectively deal with the possibility of that again right now. i think i need a couple of weeks.

ah shit..look at the time...i better go sedate our own current freaky pain in the ass fuzzy beast.

bad day for odie..but hoping my day goes pretty well.



awww, im SO looking forward to meeting frankie, you watch, hes gonna be saints poster child/dog (i hope i hope i hope)

Ann C

Hope all went well with Odie and I too think you are making the right decision to give yourself some thinking time. Not sure about any of the above suggestions, I'm thinking, recliner, baileys and a good book LOL. Happy Easter, I hope the bunny is good to everyone!


here here Mo. Except my MOM is terrified of even small heights so a ferris wheel would be a nightmare for her. So perhaps just a nice "walk in the park" lol

Brenda Mc

Well said, Mo - except I prefer the merry-go-round to a ferris wheel - same analogy, but closer to the ground.
Happy Easter to everyone - It looks like beautiful weather for the long weekend- A little sun always makes everything seem better. Enjoy


I hope all goes super smooth for you today, and I think waiting a few weeks before adding Frankie is a wise decision. The animals at SAINTS must feel the losses as well & some " down time " with no losses and no gains will give everyone a chance to simply settle. It has been such a roller coaster ride & you have been riding in the front car the whole time.

It's time for a gentle ferris wheel ride where we just go around & around & know what to expect.

Note to SAINTS animals- The "door" is officially shut for the forseeable future, please hang on & keep enjoying life for a while.