Rescue Journal

odie says..."this totally sucks."

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2013

odie is awake...he wasn't as out as i thought. as soon as i started opening cans for the night time feeding and meds, he was up.

he is apparently incapable of eating or drinking with a bucket sized cone on his head. and unfortunately he is shit out of luck because i am not taking that sucker off for i won't get it back on him again. i did however spoon feed him, and i held a small bowl of fresh cold water inside his cone so he could drink. he has repaid me by bashing into me and every freaking thing he possibly can to dislodge the dreaded cone from his head.

i will admit, the poor bugger looks pretty pathetic.


sucks to be a blind, unhappy dog in a super sized cone but that is life today...and for the next two weeks.

poor cone-dog.



odie was surrendered to the spca because the family while they loved him were unable to provide the specialized care that he required.

he is multiple special needs unadoptable and so he came to live with us at saints.


Hi carol,
Odie is one of my favorites you write about.
Just wondering what is odie's story??
How did he come to be at saints?


thank you so much for the kind offer but he is in the hard unforgiving cone so he can't bite us when we try to flush his wound. he is his own worst enemy.


Poor Odie :( There are soft, comfy cones now on the market. Not sure how well they work however if someone is willing to pick one up at your local pet store I'll pay for it. How you're going to get it on Odie is another story!