Rescue Journal

the blind dog from hell.

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2013

what a freaking doorknob. odie was beyond ridiculous today. the oral sedation i gave him, had no effect. so once they got him into the clinic, they tried to sedate him further with an IM injection ..nope..he was still ready to rumble and take out the world. then they went for the heavy duty paralysing shit except odie did not really respond to that much either. in the end they stuck a huge cone on his head so he couldn't actually bite..had two people wrestle nd hold him down and the vet froze his belly, opened him up and cleaned him up again cuz he was infected and then stapled him shut again...and odie never did give up the fight.

i was telling the nurses what an hysterical oafish moron he was..and one of them said...omg!! was that YOUR dog? i was in there when all that was happening and it sounded like a war zone back there. she said her dog got so scared from all the kerfuffle that she hid under the bench while she was waiting her turn.

ok..well he is not exactly MY dog..but close enough i guess cuz no one else sure as hell wants him.

i told him on the way home that when he is old and grey and ready to pass away..he damn well better do it in his sleep cuz ain't no one going to be able to euthanize him humanely..we will have to run him over with a tractor to help him to pass.

i feel like calling the spca and politely asking that they let me trade him in on a more cooperative model.

anyway as soon as we got home apparently the three times as many drugs that he got today in comparison to what he needed on saturday...finally took hold. he is out for the count and if he wasn't breathing i would think he was dead. pretty sure i could do all kinds of things to him at this moment if i really felt like it.

he has to go back in 2 weeks for drain and staple removal..oh freaking yay...they should just use a shovel and bop him on the head next time and try to knock him unconscious that way instead...gotta be cheaper than all of those drugs.

anyway..odie had a REALLY bad day today and if he wasn't so gawd damn hysterically stupid, he could have slept thru the whole freaking ordeal.



Because Odie is not living with me, this gave me a very good chuckle. If nothing else, Odie is good fodder for funny stories.


I feel certain this was a day from east hell for all of you but the way you described it made me really laugh (eg "the heavy duty paralysing s**t" and the prospective alternative use for the tractor)lol.


lol shelagh, way ahead of you on this one..i asked them this morning to dump a full bottle of surolan in his ears while he was out..the vet got meds into the left ear when he was down but once he figured out what she was up to, no way could she get any into the right ear. maybe in two weeks after he has forgotten, she can get some into the right ear as well.

jenn..just tell folks it is a very special tooth tattoo..a limited edition( you don't have to tell them that odie works for free!)

smart girl sherie..pretty sure no one in the clinic is really all that fond of our wounded warrior.

shelagh f

doesn't he have ears that need a good cleaning?
Now may be the time.


Wow, now I am really disappointed I had to take the day off and take care of Chloe. Maybe a sick, grumpy kid is not so bad.


Wow Odie your one Tough dog, I hope your wound heals up quickly and your pain goes away soon.. Poor Sweetheart you have been through alot.

Lucky you to have Carol who is also tough and brave like you to take you there ..

This sounds like something the vet and staff will not forget soon the dog who refused to be sedated.

Rest well tonight and heal ..


i feel bad for odie today. tomm when we clean his wound, i might be lookin for the tractor key. jk. kinda.


I went to put shorts on when I got home from work and Jiv said - gee you still have a blue bruise on the back of you leg from that bite! grrrr. The wound is healed the bruise wont go away. That was months ago. It better go away soon!!!!!