Rescue Journal

hubby has passed away.

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2013

when i got home from dinner with my family, i went in to let the bedroom dogs out. hubby was stretched out on the bed, when i touched him to say hello, i realized that he was dead. he hadn't been gone long and it looked like he passed in his sleep and i am sure that his totally wrecked heart, finally gave out.

ahh hubby, you were such a sweetie..i will miss your thundering heart thumping so irregularly against me. i will miss your insistent kisses when i came to bed and the way you would sit up like a gopher whenever i came into the room.

you lit up my life with a great deal of love and joy.

rest in peace lovely boy, i am so going to miss you.
photo hubby.jpg


wendy scott

So much sadness, I hope he passed peacefully. He was in his own environment with no stress. He looked like a nice dog.


Noooooo!!! I was just looking at my photo I have of him with me on your bed and then I read this!!! Hubby Hine I called him :( I'll send you the pic.


I Am sad to read this Hubby was a very sweet character of a dog and i am so glad i got to meet him. Tina will miss him also. Sweet dreams little man.


RIP Hubby. So glad we got some time today. When we visited with him on your bed, he was shivering a little. Covered him up, thinking he was cold and then rubbed him softly while he closed his eyes. He was such a sweetie, but yes, now he is with Deanna.

On another note Carol, Babette had very loose stool today with blood in it. As well, she vomited while we were there and the room had numerous vomits when we first got thre.

shelagh f

how sad for you Carol. I wish my old dog would
have a quiet ending like that when his time comes.
Like you said, no decisions, no ride to the vet.
Rest in peace, Hubby.


we noticed the last couple of days that he was shivering and covered him up with a blanket. i am glad i gave him extra canned food today for a treat. loved the way he perched himself up on his back legs to please ask for somemore food. he was very cute. rip hubby. the best way to go. maybe he can now be with deanna. not here for a long time but made an impact on us all. so sorry carol.


best way for him to go pain, no worry, no fear, no final car ride to the vet..i am glad he went just quietly peaceful on my bed..i wish they all could.