Rescue Journal

georgia was euthanized today.

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2013

she did a sudden nose dive last evening with no recovery thru out today. it was time to let her go, i took her over to emergency on my lunch break today.
georgia hung on here far longer than i originally suspected, her kidneys were absolute toast. for a very frail, ancient and sick little dog...she was pretty damn determined and strong.

rest in peace sweet georgia, you were a very good dog.

thank you to everyone here who loved her and cared for her so many are going to miss her.

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Georgia, another dog who had been through so much but could still find it in herself to love us. I am so glad I got to be part of the happy times you had at SAINTS sweet Georgia. I'm going to miss you si very much.


She was one tough lady....she would always follow you determined to squeeze in as much love as she could...such a great gal...


RIP Georgia, you were such a sweet dog. When I worked in the MP room you would follow me around just for a scratch. Such a loving girl ;-(


I knew something was wrong when Michelle asked how Georgia was. She was fine Thursday when I left, even did more beauty treatments on her. This makes me sad, will miss her so very much. RIP sweet, beautiful girl.


This is very sad news, Georgia was a sweetie, hugs to you Carol......sweet dreams Georgia, I will miss you.


Georgia Georgia..the whole day through..just an old sweet song..keeps Georgia on my mind. Sweet dreams little girl..we will miss you.


its been 39 days since i lost bear. i cant believe how many weve lost since. be at peace all.


No words just flowing tears and heart ache. RIP my Georgia Peach, we all will miss your sweet love and gentle soul.

shelagh f

Georgia came to Saints about the same time I did. If
I could have taken anyone, it really would have been
her. I'm so glad I talked to her yesterday, as she sat
in the sun. She did look frail, but then she had
since she arrived. I told her I would love to give
her a spa day, but now she'll have them forever.
Good bye Georgia