Rescue Journal

hah! new incoming...someone to distract me for a bit.

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2013

don't yell at me, it's penny's fault

and don't be shaking yer heads or banging them into a wall...

it is just a little lost bird.

it won't grow up to be godzilla the rooster like nugget did.

this is just a full grown but little lost dove.

and i like little doves...

i had a couple when i was a kid.



penny called elizabeths wildlife before she contacted me..this is not a wild bird, it is a domestic bird and does not meet their wildlife mandate.
not banded.
i have cared for doves before so we are in my comfort zone.


Elizabeth, at Elizabeth's Wildlife Center has dealt with numerous domesticated and wild doves. Her valuable expertise would be very helpful - if you need it. Is it banded?


i am thinking of calling him/her? "paris" cuz i just bought the sweet little thing a dove mansion.

and while i was at it..i found a great outdoor run for charley our little crippled rooster! (i am hoping that brent will put it together next time he is here.)


I thought, as she/he has come to Carol, that Carol could have the honor of naming her/him?


No Lisa, my neighbour found it in his garden yesterday (on Hatzic Island). It's a white dove, very tame. We think it's one of those "release doves" that they use at weddings. This one probably got lost or disoriented and couldn't find it's way home. Apparently this happens quite often with these little doves. If left out in the wild, it would become an easy prey of eagles, hawks or cats (and there are a lot of those in Hatzic) because of it's color.

Bunny Horne

I believe Nancy. You deserve a peaceful little dove in your life...that gentle coooing sound might calm the Odie howling.


After all your sadness and heartbreak of late, a little dove to bring you peace.
I don't think he was lost, I think he came looking for you :)
How fitting.


I had a couple doves as a kid also. Last summer 2 doves showed up on the dyke i saw them all the time..even watched them teach their young one to fly..just a couple weeks ago they showed up again. i thought they hadnt survived it was a nice durprise...whats herhis name


lost doves, huh??