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A donation made in memory of Miss Daisy

Sheila  ·  Apr. 4, 2013

I copied over Ann C's story from the comment section in the story below. It is very touching.

I received the following today from one of our donors and was so touched by her lovely story I had to share.

“This small donation is made in memory of Miss Daisy, my friend’s well loved cat. My friend inherited Miss Daisy (plus another cat and a little dog) from an elderly friend who died. The woman asked my friend to euthanise the 3 pets after their owner’s death. My friend couldn’t do it, so never a pet owner, she took the animals in and gave them love and care until they died. They gave her (a single woman)love and companionship in return. Miss Daisy was the last”.

A lovely story, thanks to our donor for sharing



sorry i know renee has been there for a long time and she does too love tha animals. i kow jesse has a special place in her heart. sorry renee did not mean to leave you out. i guess it is because i am there with erin on her days by herself. everybody there loves all the animals. do not mean to exclude anyone.


i am pretty damn happy on all accounts..every single animal is getting top quality care by some very special people..7 days a week..and don't forget renee cuz she wasn't here today..she has a long history of really caring for these guys too.

that is one of the best thing about saints..when folks are here all pitching in for all of the right reasons, it just feels so good to the animals and to all of us too.


i guess bottom line is she does not come here to just get a paycheque but loves the animals and it shows, as does dionne and i think probably lexi, but do not know her at all. carol has good help during the week and wonderful volunteers on the weekend.


its funny i was out at saints today helping erin. carol came home on her lunch hour and said thankyou to me for coming out and helping erin. i love erin, she is so good with the animals, nothing escapes her attention. carol is so lucky to have her. but on a more selfish note, i love coming to see the animals and it is a pleasure to help out. i see them on the weekend but it is so busy that i dont have much time to enjoy them. its funny it is a whole different ball game during the week then on the weekend. i do;nt feel so pressured i can give them all hugs and it seems more low key.; just a heads up, i see erin give odie his extra time,she is so good with all them not one escapes her attention.i feel great cominag out during the week.


nothing wrong was hidden in comments so moved as a post of its own..thx for sharing goes to show you there are brave and wonderful people all over the place..never an animal owner..and she took on 3..right on ! RIP Daisy and your passing has made ripples in the pond. sweet dreams


Ann would have had to use valuable brain cells figuring out how to do that LOL