Rescue Journal

damn dog.

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2013

when i was home for lunch, erin looking a wee tiny bit frazzled said "you have to do something about that dog, he has gone totally crazy!'

i look at odie laying peacefully in his bed, having a nap. i said 'so what has he done now?"

erin said "not odie...judd!"

judd? he is one of the very best dogs here.

except he went nutz and started eating EVERYTHING!....towels, carpets, sheets, the plastic off my bed. erin pulled a foot long carpet string out of his ass.

she asked if he was like going to have a seizure?

shit if i knew.

so i called the vet.

and apparently he was in the midst of having one..there are these odd types of seizures..snapping at invisible flies (which i knew)...chasing shadows (i knew that too) and eating every gawd damn freaking thing in sight like a totally insane maniac (this i did not know.)

he said to confine him in a cage where he couldn't eat anything, give him some phenobarb and start him on canned pumpkin and if we are lucky, all of the crap that he ate will come back out.

the first epileptic dog i hung out with was when i was nine years old. my grandmother's dog buzzy, came to live with us. since then i have cared for more than i can count. i knew judd had a seizure condition but who'd have thought it was one i had never even heard of before.

oh my freaking god..the dog might actually kill himself by eating such shit if we are not around.

why can't he just fall over, quiver, shake and vibrate like everyone else?????



Really??? I never knew this... sometimes my dog does that!!! He will eat everything in sight, rip up carpet strings, eat hair and fluff from the floor etc. But he does it when he wants to puke and there is no grass to eat...? at least thats what i can figure by watching him. Seizure? hm, never thought of it. Your blog is educational :)


Hi Carol,
An induction cook-top only generates heat when something METAL is placed on it. You could have all four burners turned on high and put your hands/ass/cats all over them and not even feel warmth as long as you and your cats are not wearing anything metal. they are great for anyone with "counter kitties" and/or small children. Then you put a really well caulked separate oven under the counter and voila! Carol can now cook!
As I said earlier, I'm in for $50.00 for you Carol. You really need to be able to eat what you want.