Rescue Journal

i wonder...

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2013

probably the only real difference between humans and earth's other animal species is that we have the ability to do things on a global scale.

but we are still part of the animal world here. it isn't animals, minerals, vegetables and humans. we don't get our very own special category....somehow we think we do..but we don't.

the fact that we can affect the planet globally, makes us one of the most dangerous species of animal on earth. the fact that we can communicate globally among our species, makes us even more dangerous.

the human species is the only species I think to have developed our communication ability to the point of being able to communicate untruthfully.

we lie.

we lie all the time.

big lies, small lies, lies to protect ourselves, lies to knock out our enemies, lies to climb to the top of the pack, to obtain power, self worth and respect. we lie to justify our very existence.

we are the proverbial used car salesman of the animal kingdom.

it is not our inherent violence that makes us a negative impact animal species, it is not our propensity to overpopulate and take over, lots of other animal species do the same. it is our ability to lie about everything.

the human species has no trust in ourselves because we lie about everything we possibly can.

it is weird when you think on it. we have developed our language and communication skills far beyond any other species on the planet. and yet these very skills create the greatest problems for our species and the rest of the earth because what we say is never the truth...the truth is in what we actually do.

correct me if I am wrong..but I don't think there is another species as inheritently incongruent as humans.

maybe all of the heart stopping, mind bending problems that we face on such a global scale is because we have created a world of untruth. maybe that is our real problem..that as a species we have evolved in an atmosphere of such universal lying that it has twisted our species into something unrecognizable..even by ourselves.

I used to think that man began it's downward slide with the invention of the wheel. but now I think the real problem began when we learned to speak and write untrue words.

sometimes I wonder if the religious stories we grew up on were maybe actually based on truth. did we as a species begin the destruction of the garden of eden when we discovered the sweet and seductively self satisfaction of bending the truth?