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o'grady was euthanized this morning.

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2013

Photo of O'Grady and Lincoln - best buds.
photo bunnyrabbit3-2.jpg
O'Grady is the grey rabbit (RIP) shown here with his best bud Lincoln. O'Grady came to saints at the end of 2008 with two other rabbit, Gracie and Bella, that had been backyard bred rabbits for meat. O'Grady was devestated after losing his close friends but found love again with Lincoln. O'Grady taught us the love of a rabbit. Read his story here:

Rest in peace O'Grady and be with your friends now. You were a great rabbit.



I am totally heartbroken, Ogrady was the softest , sweetest shyest and loving bunny.. Lincoln his best friend will miss him so much .. I always loved how they cuddled together.

Facing what he was i am very glad to know he is not suffering or in pain any longer . Thank you Carol for taking him to the vet to be looked at .

This little bunny will leave a huge whole in my heart..


Poor little guy. Sounds like the right decision, it wouldn't have been kind to put him through all that at his age. Doubtful he would have survived it, anyway. The important thing is he had a very good life at Saints, and will be missed and remembered with love.


Godspeed, O'Grady. You were a good bunny and a good friend to Lincoln. I hope Lincoln finds another good friend really soon.


the vet recommended euthanization was one of those ugly bunny abcesses...the tentacles go far into the tissue. he would have needed total debriding of the top of his head, right to the skull. the vet felt he was too old to survive the surgery and there was huge risk of infection with the top of his head open (we would have had to leave it open to do wound care twice a day to try to reach the farthest tentacles of the abcess.) she also felt that the abcess would invade the cranial nerve quickly which would cause him a great deal of pain.
I have dealt with these kinds of abcesses in bunnies before..not like a normal abcess that you can warm compress and encourage to drain. the purulent, infected matter is thick and unmoving like packed cheese..the tentacles are are like an octopus...and abcesses continue to pop up where ever the tentacles reach (in his case developing one behind the eye was a real concern).. multiple repeated surgeries are hard on young rabbits...devastating to the elderly.

couldn't remove it...couldn't leave it..the vet recommended euthanization and considering the alternatives, I agreed. i would have rathered that it was a tumor, they are usually not so aggressively invasive....easier to keep him comfortable for awhile.


thx for posting that jenn..I wrote his obit 3 times but each time I hit publish, only the title showed up and the body of the post disappeared. I was going to try again to post tonight..not sure what is up for me with wordpress.


I remember when O'grady came in.. a back yard rabbit that no one (but a neighbour) cared about. RIP sweet Bunny , you had many at SAINTS who cared about you & have many friends to greet you at the bridge.

another Doreen

Carol mentioned it in "Todays Thoughts" yesterday: " i am sending ogrady the bunny to the vets on friday..that mass has broken open and now i am not so sure. it could be a tumor or it could be one of those solid, non draining abcesses that bunnies sometimes get. we will see what the vet says".
I guess it wasn't good.
Rest in peace and free O'Grady.


What was wrong with him, Carol? I'm so upset. RIP sweet O'Grady - you had a precious soul. Lincoln is going to miss him so much (we all will) - they were very best friends.