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ok..the updates

Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2013

paris is all set up in the new cage. we will do the actual room move this weekend.

judd seems to be recovered from his odd seizure activity and he hasn't obstructed so I think his gut should be ok.

odie has been pretty good. I booked his vet appointment for Thursday...yikes.

chloe thank goodness has been cooperative with taking her meds in food since her cage escape. she is starting to look better.

chief tho is now sick and caged on meds. please everyone leave him alone..the staff and i will provide his care in the cage. he is a tiny bit sketchy and I don't want him loose too soon too.

I have been giving a lot of thought lately to born-agains to whatever their sinless life is now that must be shared, and dictators dictating their version of wrong or right. and the conclusion I have come to is incredibly rude to knock on my door, or come into my home to try to shove their beliefs or way of doing things down my throat. but it is even more rude to use the animals rescue pages to publicly grandstand when if they really feel it is necessary to judge and cast doubt...a private email would do.

I have been here for days..feeling guiltily confused and listing all of my lacks. but I will tell you one mother did teach me manners. there are appropriate times and places to respectfully promote our beliefs and there are times when it does become a type of seeking out, power driven, ego boosting bullying.

what is really too bad about the whole issue is..when people behave badly when advocating for change...they shut open becomes more of an issue of considering the source than of considering the change.

there are lots of crazy, violent, rude, ill mannered extremists promoting all kinds of good but many people like me can't hear what they say because we are too stunned by what they actually do.

so here is a hint for all of us that believe and promote whatever we are passionate about...walk, talk, behave with some decorum and respect for whoever it is that you are talking to...especially if they did not come looking for you.

no one likes to be ambushed by anyone for any reason at all (...not even by weight watchers if they have a weight problem.)
ambushing is a really stupid way to get is incredibly disrespectful and it pisses most people off.

how many people actually appreciate the religious folks knocking on our private home doors? most of us would be more open minded and inclined to listen if allowed to enter a church by our own choice...not forced in by the ambushing tactics of others.

I think it is a stupid way to try to win a war.



Hi Carol, sorry I am a very forgetful person.  I guess I think you can read my mind.  I would like to use the multi purpose room for my meeting if that is okay with you.  Unless you would prefer I use the suite above the shop.


Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart) - Stairway To Heaven - Kennedy Center ...

Darn i was hoping the link would copy.. i told some other volunteers to watch this thought i'd share with others... google this and watch on youtube.. turn up loud and enjoy

Sharon K

I so agree with you Carol. When I was switching my dog to raw food there were a few raw food zealots ramming it down everyone's throat on a particular FB page. It made me want to NOT do it.


Ha. Ha. I like the comment at the end about religious folks knowing on your door. It was only this morning that the doorbell rang so I said to my husband it is probably some religious group. We had our grandson answer the door (actually he went running to do so) and sure enough there they were.