Rescue Journal

not posting tonight

Carol  ·  Apr. 10, 2013

i just spent an hour tearing the kitchen apart, looking for odie's sedation for the morning..found it, whew! I am so stressed about trying to get him in the car tomorrow morning and I don't want him feeding off my stressed am done the meds, idol will be on soon and I have a really good book to read after which should keep me and whatever nervous energy I am excreting far away from odie for the night.

see you after tomorrows horrible vet day for odie is done.

I am SO not looking forward to this.



daph is doing really well...she is actually due for her 6 month bladder check so thx for the reminder! was just a year ago that I almost lost her. seems like a lifetime ago....we are so lucky. she is an incredible girl.


Truly hope all goes well for you and odie, Carol. I'll be thinking about you


I wish you well with Odie tomorrow. And how is that darling little sweet Daxie called Dauphne doing (re bladder stones) As you can tell, I'm a softie when it comes to Daxies.


thx michelle but Dionne is starting early to give me a hand. hopefully it goes ok...hope floats.


Sending positive thoughts to both Odie & Carol. Please Odie be a good boy, Carol loves you & hopefully you will be getting your cone off tomorrow & everything will be back to normal.


Hi Carol, can I help u in the morning to get him in the car??? What time would u like me ?