Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2013

so I sit here trying to keep everything quiet and calm so od's meds have a chance to work to their full effect. there will be no gawd damn morning howling chorus today. if he gets nervous or wound up about anything, the meds will not sedate him.
and while I am sitting here waiting, I am also worrying...what if there is still a problem with that wound?

you have to understand that I cannot see it..i haven't seen it since the day it is tucked far too deep in his groin to see unless he rolls over and shows me his belly, which odie will not do. he has already bitten me once...not going for 2/2.

I can see the drainage looks ok. I can see that most of the swelling in his belly has gone away. he has been on antibiotics since the incident..but it did not heal the first time around due to infection because odie is diabetic.

so on top of worrying about odster's emotional state..i am also worrying about his physical state..this is it. this is the day. this is the day that either leads to a happier tomorrow or this is the day that it all finally ends.

I think it is ok...I haven't seen any gross drainage on his bed from the tube...he seems well except for being pissed over the cone on his head. I am most likely worrying over nothing...the staples/tube will come out (somehow...) and all will be well.

he should now be feeling the effect of the meds...another 20 minutes or so and the last part of this unhappy adventure begins again.

i just want to get going to meet whatever is coming...waiting here doing nothing totally sucks.



yes hope he is calm and please be still for your own fast and much esier healing to happen 'much calm ing wishing for Odie ' praying'!