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a couple of things...

Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2013

firstly..don't let that big baby cooper back into the mp building over the weekend. he is living with mystic, june, jess and andy in the big dog room. do not let him suck you in with his broken heart bullshit...that dog moved a whole 20 freaking feet south to live with people and dogs he already knows.
and it serves him right for picking on pepper.

odie is free to do what he wants on the weekend...everything is healed. just watch him with buddy, odie is being a bit of an intimidating ass with buddy for some reason.

I turned the heat on in the mp building cat is chilly in there tonight. feel free to turn it off in the morning but please don't leave the doors wide open..the old frail guys get cold easily.

if anyone is thinking of calling me..don't bother..i left my cell phone at work on my desk. I will get it again in the morning.

I picked up a dozen windchimes on my coffee break at liquidation world. I am so far behind because I don't hang them over the winter. even tho they were pretty was still $140 and I am still not caught up on the ones who have recently passed.
I did however find the perfect tribute to hang for fletcher. I was stumped over this for the past couple of to honor him properly and respectfully considering I was the one who made the awful decision to end his life.

I think fletcher was born into a world of locked doors. he was bred irresponsibly and unethically..he was bred to have devastating, life threatening health issues..he was bred to make money without any real concern about what his life would become. he couldn't find a great real home because he was incontinent, sick with bad kidneys and just seemed like every door was slammed shut and locked on him to have a good life. even tho I opened a door for him..i shut it eventually too. poor fletch, a wrecked in every way baby was too much for me too.

anyway...fletchers memorial tribute is a set of keys. my fervent wish for that innocent little dog is in his next life he has every key to unlock every door and find everything that he ever could possibly want or need.



actually...there is a straight comment page that I check instead of each individual post..sometimes I miss comments if I get busy but usually I see all of the comments even new ones made on posts long ago.

mo you can probably access the same page..just go in under site admin. with your password and click on the comments...all the comments made on any post for that day come up.

anyway...if I don't actually respond to comments..i have read and really appreciate them but unless someone asks an actual question or unless I am responding to a bunch of comments at the same time, or unless I have to explain something further..i don't always comment on comments but I DO like reading other people's thoughts a lot!


Hi Maggie...i dont believe carol gets notification of any post..correct me if i am wrong carol..if you see this post..:-)...i try to keep track of the number of replies..

maggie (florida)

Hi, quick question, I catch up on my Saints updates on the weekends and so sometimes I might leave a comment on an older post. Do you see those (get some kind of notification?)



i am trying really hard not to cry, today was a sad day for me and i have already cried. it would have been my sisters 66 birthday today so it was emotional. the keys really are a great tribute to little fletch. i still want to hang a windchime up for my big bambi girl if that is okay. just need to find the exact right ones. sure miss her and her gentle ways. blonde buddy follows me everywhere and is settling in very nicely. he is the dominant dog here. i guess he wanted to sure my other 2 dogs knew that right away. lol i am concerned about his voracious appetite tho. he is always hungry and looking for food. he is getting fed 3 times a day now with wet and dry. loves his walks on dyke gets along well with all the other dogs glad i could give him a good home.


I am crying too, how thoughtful and what a wonderful tribute to Fletcher.


Carol, we are going to take all the chimes down and wash them permitting, so hold off hanging the news ones for a day.

another Doreen

I agree that the keys are a wonderful tribute to Fletcher!
Too many of our beloved animal friends have had doors locked on them through no fault of their own.
And only a small percentage of them are able to sneak in through SAINTS' "window". Sadly, some of them are too damaged to stay long. Thank you for at least trying Carol.


That's such a wonderful idea about the keys for Fletch - your reasons made me cry. Fletcher has no restrictions or locked doors where he is now - I'm sure his precious soul is running free.