Rescue Journal

i need a spring to-do list!

Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2013

just 2 more shifts then this 6 in a row is done.

I must have been in post stress odie meltdown cuz I slept thru most of idol. i was up three times last night but went straight back to sleep as soon as I got back into bed.

odie too slept very well...he is so much more comfortable with that cone off of his head.

so..odie is finally on the road again of his own unique version of broken wellness, our animal numbers are significantly down and the staffing/workload issues are all sorted out...maybe everything will tick along smoothly for awhile.
that would be nice.

we could all use a break around here from the roller coaster ride. the first quarter of 2013...pretty much sucked.


shep has a bladder infection and is on antibiotics.

cooper is still bugging pepper so I think the staff are going to shift him out of the mp room and over to the house. that is probably going to temporarily mess coop's head up but oh freaking well.

I need to finish the problem solving around nugget and his aggressive nature so we can get Crosby, and the other 2 chickens out of the bunny room with the return of spring. those guys want to be able to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine and they can't do it around nugget cuz nugget is mean.

why couldn't he grow up to be like rusty?...rusty was such a kind and benevolent rooster. big sigh...nugget is what he is...but it totally sucks cuz I am going to be stuck with some ugly mickey mouse looking solution so that all of our feathered folks can safely come out in the sun.

dick heads wreck the best laid plans for chickens, turkeys and ducks.

it is time to look at spring shaving of the curly coated Phyllis Diller type dogs. I will get renee to start booking appointments to get everyone done. I have already spoken to the sheep shearer, he will come out in may to get the real woolies done.
and I guess we better look at doing the power washing of fences, buildings and walkways while we still have lots of water cuz the dry spell is coming in a couple of months.

oh and there is my own special favorite,,,field prep and repair. I better get moving on that soon too...time to put carol's farmer grass growing thinking cap on...I bet the tractors battery is dead. much spring shit to do!

I bet that is why it is called spring cuz you are bouncing around trying to get everything done!


Carol Ann

Angus had his haircut yesterday. He is a small dog again lol. Will be bringing Harold in soon as soon as she gets her nerve up and some help since Harold can be a little difficult at times. Gotta love him though. Sweetie doesn't need grooming but she saw the vet on Monday she is doing great but I am weaning her off her meds and hope she can cope with life a some noises without them. I love spring.

Bunny Horne

Carol, don't go buy a battery trickle charger - you have one. Brent will charge the tractor battery for you on Sunday when we are out. Then it's all good to go when you are ready to put on your overalls. Brent has the tool to take apart the sofa in ED's room and move it for you on Sunday so you can get your bird cages set up.


Ann, Lynn and I will be there on Tuesday to do a deep clean in the big dog room.