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Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2013

thank gawd it is Saturday...just today to get thru then 2 days off.

Monday will be busy...sue one of our vets is coming out to donate her time and check some of the guys here..ears, nails, teeth and rechecks post- dentals/post-treatment/post surgery that I never got around to getting done. all important things but stuff that always seems to get bumped out of my head by more crises kind of things.

renee shaved mini and tina yesterday so they are both sporting sweaters today.

I am a bit pissed at tina, she bit me last night. she didn't break the skin but she got me right on odie's last bite site where the bone is still bruised. it freaking hurt for like an is ok today tho. you are probably wondering why she bit was sort of an accident. tina has been getting really bitchy lately with mini and nicki...tina's so old, I think it is in part a bit of dementia. add some pain from her bad knee, mix in her increasing poor vision and the fact that both mini and nicki always want to be right up near my face where tina happens to be. anyway, she lunged for mini..i stuck my hand out between them so mini didn't get hurt and sadly for me, it worked...I took another hit for the team.

I am thinking on increasing tina's pain meds and adding a very low dose of tramadol to the mix. I just need to be careful because of her dementia..don't want too many hard core drugs mentally mixing her up even worse. but I do want her to not be in chronic discomfort every day. I will ask sue about it on Monday.

cindy is getting sick...we have a virus making the rounds in the house back cat rooms...first it was chloe, then it was chief, now it seems to have gotten to cindy. weird because none of these cats are new cats..they are all long term and should be immune. so I am not really sure why it is popping up now.

I do think tho that we need to gut those back rooms and give it all a fresh coat of paint and a floor to ceiling anti bacterial/anti viral cleaning...something is hiding and biding its time there and I am not happy about it at all. luckily whatever it is, is easy to treat...a few days of antibiotics and it is gone. but not gone far enough if someone else gets sick a couple of weeks down the road so I better do something about it now.

infection control is cannot bring in hundreds of cats over the years with various illness;s and not take care of the environment that can itself eventually become a host of its own. those rooms have not been broken down and repainted for 8 years now...time to get them done. perfect timing since we aren't taking any new ones in..maybe we can keep them viral free for a while if no new bugs come in.

that would be nice.

I still think this is the original bugs from the plague cats..most of you won't remember them but I do. they came from a place that thought it was a shelter but really was a hoarder and those freaking sad cats were sick with every kind of nasty virus there is. each year the virus here gets weaker, less cats become affected and it is easier to treat but I think it is in the walls and pops up occasionally if someone's immune system is weak. cindy is FIV positive, chief and chloe are sketchy and stressy. this makes for decent opportunities for a hiding virus to step in and cause problems again.

we were going to gut and paint back there last year but we never actually got around to it. oops...well better get to it now.. the first step is in recognizing/accepting the problem..the second is in planning the solution and the third is in putting the plan into action and then evaluating the results.

basic nursing thinking.
anyway... this whole freaking place needs repainting...aesthetically, it is looking pretty damn worn out would be nice to freshen it up. but first the back cat rooms need to be done. I will call around to some painters this week and see how much it will cost.



of course it was could I have forgotten her!
hah and she wasn't clean when she came in..lice, fleas, ringworm, green sludgy snot plugging her nose and eyes and brown bloody goo dripping from her mouth. those guys were so heartbreaking pathetic when they came in. pops never lost the slimey mouth goo but everything else cleaned up pretty good.


Found it: it's was Mae. I thought she was too clean to be a plague cat.


I'm in Lynne
Let's have a look at the computer room and make a plan on Tuesday


I can't figure out who the fifth would be unless they were missed originally when I did the website :


i don't think so erin mice don't carry URI.

that whole side of the building is a problem helga..not sure what to do about it other than tear that whole section of building out(which i am actually thinking of doing once we are down to our goal numbers.)

you are right nicole..jacob was one of the plague cats...pops, jacob, hester, boo..who was the 5th one???

yeah no lynne..we already thought to do it that way and it never happened. better just to hire someone and get it done in a couple of days.

we can paint the computer room tho if we want to... no rush on that room...that room isn't about health it is just about making it look better with a nicer color!


cant some of us just come in and clean and do the painting.; i am willing to if someone else can help me.


Even though it was gross at the time I miss Pops' gross drooly mouth. And Jacob's shoulder climbs (he was a plague cats too wasn't he? Or did he just look like he should be)


One thing that probably isn't too healthy either is the bottom of the north wall of the MP building. When the weather is wet water seeps through on several spots and the edging along there always has dark mold on it.


im not disagreeing with your painting idea, but are you sure the cats are not being exposed to something outside in the run via the mice?