Rescue Journal was busy...

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2013

we got 19 animals thru their vet checks in 5 hours. lots of new orders...a few surprises too...and sue even looked at gilbert the goat's sore eye for us and gave us some suggestions too!

river is sicker than I thought..looks like instead of a stubborn fungal infection, it may be a long standing and chronic pemphigus. he has both bacterial and fungal overgrowths but the underlying cause may be autoimmune. his toes are a real concern...the infection may have gotten into the bones..tons of new meds and the vet will look at him in again in a couple of weeks and see what kind of improvement river gets with the extensive med changes.

max needs a dental.

hilda needs xrays.

lots of other minor issues on some of the others dealt with.

the big surprise was...bobo was a total ass, and was lifting his lips threatening to bite the vet. since I am not really concerned about his health at all, I decided to just let him be and forget doing a baseline health check. who'd have thought that people loving goof would be a vet check total dickhead?

I just finished writing out the med changes for the staff for tomorrow..i might not be too popular once they get an eyeful of how many changes.

ann managed to grab me for a couple of things and Sheila and Leila grabbed me for a late lunch.

all in all it was a very good day with lots of important stuff getting done.

it would have taken me more than a month to get all of those animals into the clinics. so nice for sue to donate her time to see them all here...made my life so much easier...but maybe not so much for our caregiving staff!

(so glad I get to go to work tomorrow..might be safer for a couple of days.)



All fingers and toes crossed that the new meds will help River or at least give him a respite. I googled Pemphigus. Most auto-immune disorders are not curable. Nobody knows why the immune system suddenly decides to attack normal processes. River is the type of animal who makes you, against all common sense, want to grab him and take him home. He is just lovely.


Love Hilda., when I last saw River, I wondered about him .his feet look awful and painful . Hope all works out for him, he is a sweetheart. I'm away in Brazil for the month and really missing the Saints guys and girls.


you didn't miss anything is her hernia. sue thinks a loop of bowel might have slipped down. ok now but could cause a real emergency in the future. the problem is, the last repair we did, didn't hold. not sure if we should or should not attempt it again. hence the xray to help us decide.

too funny Sheila..i bet screech was REALLY interested in where you guys had been!


WTF, Hilda x-rays? Erin you are always on top of everything, sure it isn't something you missed she always seemed fine to me. Hilda still has the best bum at saints

Oh no poor River. I am glad I got to know River while training with Dionne, he is a special boy who puts up with a lot of shit. Be strong River.


Screech spent five minutes sniffing my feet and legs and then another five minutes sniffing my arm. He is still sniffing Leila's legs.