Rescue Journal

so the bad news is...

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2013

leah and sam (in foster care with Maggie) went for a walk down by the river with Maggie today. when they turned to head back to the car, leah turned wrong and totally blew her knee. at 14 years old and 130 pounds..there is no way we are going to attempt leah's surgical repair. she is going to have to heal by strict nonweight bearing confinement rest for the next 6-8 weeks. and there is no way I am letting 5 foot 2 Maggie even attempt to try to care for and haul around leah at home...we would double our new cripple count pretty damn quick.
so while Maggie felt like I was ripping her right arm off..or at least tearing out her leah filled heart ..leah will come back to saints for the next few weeks to rest and heal and to get hauled in and out for pee breaks where there are more than just one short solo person to carry the very impressive 130 pound leah load around.

I will be looking for some volunteers to help me get leah out to pee around 7 pm each night. there is enough staff here during the day to buddy up but I while taller than Maggie will also need help for her final pee break at night.
anyone who is able and willing (and has a decently healthy back!) please post in the comments and we can work out a schedule to spread the evening help around.


so sorry Maggie and leah that life sucks big time right now.



I can come Saturday after work - obviously I am in for Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing her!

Bunny Horne

It is at times like these I wish I didn't live so far away. Miss Leah is quite the princess these days of Maggie's Manor. I hope for a speady healthy recovery so she can get back home and bask in the sun on Maggie's porch.

Sharon K

Saints has the BEST volunteers. All you need to do is put out a call and everyone jumps in. So impressed!

I hope to make it out to your open house in June. I tried to go a few years back but got so lost! This time I have GPS. LOL


leah is a very wise girl..with you here she will know that soon she will be going home once she is able.
I decided on the mp building Maggie..that entrance area is the perfect size and location and she won't feel so alone. I will get it set up on my lunch break so it is ready if she can be discharged from the clinic today.


Thanks everyone so much from Sam and me. I will be going up as well; I don't want Leah to feel she has been abandoned by me.
Life can change in an instant.


hey, who you calling short? oh maggie me and dionne and renee will take really good care of leah, i promise! i know its not the same though.


That's very upsetting, I hope Leah can heal and go home to Sam and Maggie.


i am in i am close by and better able to do it than most people. let me know what is worked out.