Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2013

there is no glory, no honor, no righteous justification for killing and maiming of innocent people..esp. children.
the people who perpetuate these violent crimes against humanity are not heroes, they are not the warriors of any god, every god will judge them to be nothing but a foul blight of violently diseased minds and souls.

no one who kills comes from any true religion..the killers invent their own blood filled fantasies. the violent are simply violent no matter where they say they come from. we can refuse to listen to their babbled bullshit excuses while seeking god's asylum from their horrific actions. they kill because they crave power and blood. lets not glorify it by buying into their bullshit that it has anything to do with allah or god.

may all of the innocent victims in boston's recent bombing find peace in this life or the next.


leah went back into the vets today..she went more than 24 hours without having a pee. she did have a pee once she got to the vets..gee thx a lot lea.
I took her out tonight and she had 2 pees and a poop..i guess she decided getting dragged back off to the vets was not as much fun as she thought it would be.

griffin is not great tonight, I can't get him to eat. as a diabetic, this is a real issue so I will keep trying to get him to eat something at least.

odie gave himself a bloody mouth. he was attacking the wire door between him and the great big boob. i gave him a cookie and told him he was stupid and that is all the sympathy he will get from me.

my respect and admiration for all of the good guys who worked together to get the situation under control in boston this those are some of the real heroes in this world...bless them all.



I`ll look at size of the wire panel (next week) on the door between odie and the "boob", I'll get a stronger size gauge of wire ( one he can't chew thru) and replace it. So at least NEXT time he won't hurt himself.

Bunny Horne

The victim who "looked into the eyes" of one of the bombers and who made a positive identification to police was a 27" year old Costco employee, Jeff Bauman. Jeff only worked for Costco for little over 3 years - he worked part time in the deli. According to the email we received at work Thursday through the Costco network, Jeff was standing at the finish line waiting for his wife to cross the finish line. Jeff lost both legs in the blast. His family set up a fund to assist Jeff in his long road of rehabilitation. His family, fellow employees, Costco, etc - can all donate to America's newest 27 year old Hero.


Here's a bit of good news. Katie, who for a couple of days had spit up foamy liquid, seems to be OK. Colleen says all the bloodwork was normal. Yay! Katydiddy is one feisty tough old lady.