Rescue Journal

it was a busy day

Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2013

I picked up the mail from Deanna's old place, sorted thru and organized paperwork and collected together her outstanding debts. I got the banking switch over done, started with ICBC on switching one of the cars over to me so I can sell it for the estate debts (the other two non drivable ones are gone from her old place, I am assuming the landlord had them towed away.) I did the Canada post paperwork to have her estate mail delivered to here. and I got her income tax stuff delivered to H&R Block to get that all done too. tomorrow I need to finish with ICBC. place the death notice to creditors in the local papers and send the death certificates to the pertinent gov't agencies. if I have time, I will take the few collectibles we found into an antique shop and see if i can also sell them for the estate. I don't have a lot of time to dick around so any offer I am sure I will just grab and take.

the vet was out to see gilbert today..he may end up losing that eye. I did manage to fashion a cone for him but he can still get his back foot past the cone to rub it...he has done so much damage between rubbing it with his foot, banging it up against shit and getting shavings under the lid. this is such a drag because on Friday it looked like it was well on the road to healing...apparently not.

I did manage to do a 1000 pound barn feed run..that should do us for the next week or so. lexie will unload it tomorrow..thank god for young and still strong barn folks!

chance is confined to a playpen in the laundry room for the next week or two. papa john has come back from foster care for re-induction of his cushings meds to readjust his dose (his cushings is currently out of control.) anyway..papa john needs his water intake strictly monitored so he can't be sharing water bowls. I don't have any single areas left except for cages which papa john would hate. hence chance is in a playpen so papa john can be loose in the laundry room on his own. chance is a bit of a playpen loving goof so right now at least, he is ok with his new Mongolian monster baby room.

phoebe has a not so fresh wound on her face..did anyone on the weekend see her get hurt? could be a tooth or a fence scratch..not sure. erin found it, cleaned it and started her on antibiotics so she should be good in a day or two.

I am hoping that if I can stay focused and non-distracted, I can get thru the most important Deanna will stuff, mon/tues/wed.then hopefully on thursday I can repair the upper field before I return to work on Friday. if the best paid plans of me and me work out for a change..i will be very happy!


shelagh f

a bit off topic, but Helga is you read this can you
email me regarding garage sale stuff? I know we
have talked about your lack of room in the basement
for much more stuff. I have about a van load. The
house has sold so I will have to move it soon, otherwise I will take it to the thrift store. I would rather Saints get the money.