Rescue Journal

hilda update and then i am going to bed.

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2013

hilda and I headed out for emerg at just after home three hours later (the time clock on the blog is off by an hour.) hilda is still there, she needs surgery sooner than later cuz that bowel is slipping thru the hole in her abd.... ticking timebomb just waiting to happen...shades of percy. they will do a surgical consult/estimate in the morning..most likely a min. of 5 grand..probably more (like we can afford that high of a bill..the emerg estimate for the next 24 hours before the surgery was another 2 grand on its own.). I left a message for eastridge to see if dave or sue have time to do the surgery at our clinic before the weekend. hopefully yes cuz if not, I guess we are going for the bankrupting specialty surgical route.

between cooper, gilbert, river, leah, papa john and hilda all crapping saints worry/pay attention/responsibility plate this week is getting pretty damn full.
I swear to god I could just shoot myself. all I wanted was four freaking relatively quietly easy and crises free saints vacation days to put the animals on hold and get Deanna's stuff done and the upper field fixed.
I don't care that I can't pack my bags and head to vegas or mexico and every vacation from work that I take gets eaten up by saints..all I wanted was a few days this week to catch up on some important shit that I absolutely HAVE to get done.

this is what totally sucks about can't freaking ever make plans cuz sure as shit someone, somewhere or somehow is just quietly waiting to screw them up....tonight was a BIG final straw..thx so much hilda!

it totally sucks.

ok..deep breath...big sigh...focus on the important stuff....I do hope hilda is not too upset at being left at emerg. she doesn't like to be away from home but for tonight it is safer for her to be there.



Carol, if there's anything I can do to help on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, let me know. I can pick up, drop off, run errands for Deanna's stuff or whatever.


Oh no! I will be thinking about Hilda today and truly hoping the surgery goes well. Thank you Carol for caring for the SAINTS animals like you give them such amazing care in such a loving environment.