Rescue Journal

i can't really say today was a roller coaster ride

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2013

cuz it was all down hill.

firstly angel..i was way off base. it was extreme pain messing her up so badly last night. the cataract has gone deep into the ocular tissues..she basically has a glaucoma with lots of pressure building up behind the eye., it just didn't bulge like I would have expected. anyway..poor babe...she is having the eye removed tomorrow and afterwards she should feel much better. since she is fully blind, other than suddenly being pain free she won't miss having the eye. no surgery for her. she failed all the pre op testing..anaesthetic is far too great a risk for her. her cardiac/pulmonary status is horrible, emerg wanted to do do an emergency referral to a cardiologist at can-west today. our vet stepped in and said he wanted to assess her first and had hilda transferred back to our clinic. cuz here is the thing..her heart and lungs are a mess BUT hilda is asymptomatic. the heart and lung problems were found by accident, she has not and is not displaying any visible pulmonary or cardiac issues.
tough little bird. her blood pressure is thru the roof and she is now a walking stroke/cardiac arrest time bomb too. dave ordered her a couple of different meds which I picked up tonight and have already started her on.

I felt a bit odd picking up Viagra for my dog..but it was originally developed as an antihypertensive, the tarzan erectile thing was just a weird (and very lucrative) side effect.

as far as the herniated bowel is concerned..i am just to shove it back in thru the hole whenever it is out and bugging her. she will probably twist one day and hit a very painful, life threatening crises (if her heart or lungs don't kill her first) but I can decide at that point if I want to risk surgery to possibly save her life or euthanize. such great choices.

she is so happy to be home...she is bouncing around being part of the gang and you can just see how happy she is to be back where she knows she belongs.

I am not sure what happened with gilberts eye, it did look a tiny bit better this morning before I left. not sure if the vet came out to recheck today or if he is coming tomorrow.

I was basically gone, dicking around with hilda from late morning til 8pm so today was a wasted working on the will day. tomorrow won't be any better..i booked all of the vet re-checks in cuz I am too busy with work over the next couple of weeks to get to them in a reasonable time and I have to pick up 2 foster cats and get them into the vets too plus pick up angel at the end of the day if she is recovered enough to come home.
so tomorrow is a bunch of vet stuff...Thursday hopefully will stay free so I can work on repairing the upper pasture.

I have tuesday next week off so maybe I can catch up on the will stuff then..maybe all of the animals will be a bit more stable.
anyway..another day is done and thank god everyone made it thru!



I wonder if you could make some sort of belly band to help Hold Hilda's hernia closed? Just a thought... Might give her a little more stability even if it is on the outside?
Glad she made it thru today and was able to enjoy some time with her buddies!
Take care of yourself!